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Gravity EduGames, Crayon Physics

Posted by absnet on 21 January 2010

These games based on the laws of physics, especially gravity and is suitable for children from elementary school  to adults.

Crayon Physics, a simple 2D game,  with simple pictures of crayons. For the first time you see this game, you may not be interested, because usually only children who love to play with crayon. But behind its simple appearance, this game is interesting to play, we will be invited to think and solve existing problems.

This 2D game based on simple physical laws, namely gravity. The main objective is to hit star picture with a ball that was provided. To hit the stars, we can draw things like lines, boxes, rocks, chains, boards and so on. Because of limited movement of ball (straight or falling down according to gravity), then we must think how can we make the ball reach the stars there.


Players can create objects to move the ball. For example by making a simple lever, dropping the rock / box, making rope winding, making it swing to hit the ball and so on.

All objects drawn will fall down, and all fall will look natural, like there really earth’s gravity. not only that, all the objects will interact with the image objects around them, in accordance with the force of gravity. Making a program like this would require knowledge / good physics knowledge. This game was  winner in the Independent Games Festival 2008.

Freeware lovers, maybe a little bit disappointed, that because this game is not free, sold at a price of $ 19.95. But since 1 year ago, we can get the full version of this game whatever price we want until January 15, 2010 (the creators call this Buy the Game Pay what you want). So even though we pay for with $ 0.1, $ 1 or $ 5 you can get this game. Payments made with Paypal. Purchases can be made from http://crayonphysics.com.

For those of you who do not have the funds (in the paypal account), wants to try, or do not have time to get cheap promotion dates above, you can download the demo version that can be played up to level 2 (there are around 18 levels that can be executed) Download Demo (approximately 24 MB ). For the full version you can run around 80 levels. In this game also provided the editor, so users can create levels or play with their own difficulty level.

If you have sons and daughters who often use computers, there is no harm in giving this game, to bring their thinking and develop their thinking ability.


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