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In this page you’ll find all download links I’ve told in my post. . You can download, but sorry, give comments to the appropriate posts. This place is for author only..

Must Have Tools

  1. Total Commander : Explore with confidence (2.1 MB), see description
  2. Enable_reg.vbs : small script to enable / disable your regedit (0.28 Kb)
  3. Enable Task manager : small registry value to enable your task manager. Use after enable_reg.vbs (0.28 Kb)
  4. Sysinternal : utility software bundle to control your computer (free) (9 MB)
  5. Extended Task Manager : more than task manager (free) (9 MB)
  6. Avast BART PE 2009 : CD BOOT including Avast Antivirus 2009 (64 MB)
  7. Unlocker : Tool to Force kill your program
  8. Process Explorer : such as Task Manager, but don’t need install (1.16 MB)
  9. Reg Cleaner : Free tool to delete trial registry, so you can install trial software like new installation

Recommended Software(z)

  1. NitroPDF : Small and reliable PDF editor (edit, extract, split, combine…)
  2. Smart CD Catalogue : Cataloging your CD to find your file easily
  3. DownloadBundle1 : Consisting IDM, Teleport Ultra and FlashGet. This is download tool you should have.
  4. Avast! Home Edition : Go to the site, register to get free activation code and install
  5. Tune Up Utility 2009 : computer utility you should have for it’s easy and stylist theme
  6. Registry Mechanics 8 : Integrated tool to deal with registry and computer management

Free Utility

  1. NVT Malware Remover Tool : is a tool to remove malware. Effective for malware defender 2009, see description here
  2. Virus Effect Remover : to remove windows setting changed by arbitrary virus, see description here
  3. AVG CTF Error Fixer : to fix automatic upload error in AVG Free 8. see description here
  4. USB Vaccine : Freeze your USB autorun.inf to be modified. see description here 
  5. Bit Defender , PC Media, Mc Afee anti conflicker : all anti conflicker
  6. Web zip, Website Zip Packer : html packer. see description here


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