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Open PDF File Faster with Adobe PDF Lite

Posted by absnet on 24 February 2010

Nowadays, PDF Reader Application Program (program to read PDF Document), has become very important program in our computer, such as Office program. We often you Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the most complete Free PDF Reader that support newest features.

Unfortunately, Adobe Reader getting crowded with added features / plugins which, sometimes we not need it, and in turn, it makes this application load longer.

These features (plugins), such as auto update, autorun, running in background, actually not so important for us, but consume our hard drive space, memory and our computer CPU, and of course load slower than it should.

Alternatively, we can use other PDF Reader available online, such as Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF, which is lightweight and fast, but sometimes for complex document, they can render perfectly.

To overcome this problem, some people has make a Lite version of Adobe Reader, that they call it Adobe Reader Lite. They call it Lite, because in this version, they only include more important features, and remove any un-needed features without sacrifying it’s ability.

Adobe Reader Lite Feature
  • Remove dekstop shortcut  and autorun function
  • Shortcut in start menu converted without any ad
  • Some features commonly un-needed, was removed.
  • Remove Agreement license pop-up
  • Remove Auto Update feature
  • AcroRd32Info.exe was removed without log error message
  • Form Disertakan fitur Pengisian Form
  • Dialog ( button for online ) in toolbar was removed  (”help make Adobe Reader better” and Create PDF using Acrobat.com” )
  • Changing some interface (v9.1)

Installation file for Adobe Reader Lite only about 18.29 MB, far more smaller compared to  Adobe Reader 9.1 which has size about  41.1 MB. Installation process is far more faster, besides disk space needed which is 60% less. Check the picture below for detail :

Adobe acrobat Reader Installation

Adobe acrobat Reader Lite Installation

You can check newest version of Adobe Reader Lite from majorgeeks.com. Alternatively, you can download from  softpedia.com.

Download Adobe Reader Lite ( majorgeeks.com )
Download Adobe Reader Lite ( Softpedia.com )


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Free Download: 140+ HD Widescreen Wallpaper

Posted by absnet on 10 February 2010

If you use LCD Monitor (widescreen), This wallpaper collection is fit you, because all of its dimension in  1920×1200 pixel (big enough for most of our screen).

Because of its dimension and picture quality, it’s size varied around some thousands KB to 4 MB.

This wallpaper collection serve by Airopia.org. And, a good news, you can use this for commercial as well as personal use. They divide this collection into 2 files, with  49 and 100 wallpapers. Although in widescreen size, this wallpaper can be used for standard monitor (CRT).

Here’s some bright sample of  49 HD widescreen wallpaper  :


     Download (32.1 MB)

And here’s some sample from 100 wallpapers package (mostly nature wallpaper )


Download (118.3 MB).

Make sure that your internet connection is fast enough, especially when you download this big wallpaper.

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Faster Copying Large File with TeraCopy

Posted by absnet on 9 February 2010

Previously, I had no idea if the process of copying files (and folders) in the windows can be accelerated with the software. Earlier I thought that it only depends on hardware specifications (Notebook, CPU, RAM etc). But when I found free software TeraCopy, what I know so far proved wrong.

With TeraCopy, the process of copying data between hard drives in particular, from the CD / DVD to the hard drive to hard drive or flash is increase significantly.

TeraCopy is a relatively small program, useful in increasing the speed when moving or copying files, especially from one media to another media.


Some features of TeraCopy are:

Copy files faster. From several tests, copying files with TeraCopy is much faster than regular file copy. The difference can reach 20% faster. This is because the techniques used copy is different from windows.

Pause and resume copying. If you copy a file with windows, you can not stop the copying process and then resume after some time

Error recovery. If there are errors in the file copy process, TeraCopy will try to read the file several times. If not successful, the file can be ignored (skip) and the transfer process still continues.

Displaying more informative list of files, and can save the information to a text file.

Shell Integration. Once installed automatically change the copy process from windows to TeraCopy, so that we can work as usual (this feature can be in non-switch)

Unicode support. Besides supporting Windows 32-bit, it also supports 64-bit such as Windows 7.

Copy process continues despite the file can not copy.

Some Test Comparison

Here are some tests I did to find the differences between the process of copying files + folders when using TeraCopy and  with windows.

Flash Disk to Hardisk
The following test is done by copying the data from the flash to the hard drive (393 files, 34 folders, a total of about 1 GB). Test of repeated 3-4 times.

Windows : average 53 seconds.
TeraCopy : average 41 seconds

Copy in one Hardisk
Here’s a copy test data from different drives in one hard drive (the drive here from H: to drive C:).The number of files with 10 pieces each approximately 200 MB (total about 2.1 GB)
Windows: 1 minute 33 seconds
TeraCopy: 1 minute 14 seconds

16,274 copies of files, 92 folders (total size about 38 MB). Size average files 2 KB (varies about 1 KB to 50 KB)
Windows: 1 minute 18 seconds.
TeraCopy: 1 minute 18 seconds.

1 copy files with sizes of about 700 MB
Windows: 27 seconds
With TeraCopy: 19 seconds

2765 copy files with a total of about 1:25 GB
Windows 1 minute 48 seconds
With TeraCopy 1 minute 38 seconds

Hardisk to Flashdisk
391 files, a total of 1 GB of data
Windows : 3 minutes 45 seconds
TeraCopy : 3 minutes 51 seconds

From several tests above, generally copying process with TeraCopy is faster compared with the innate windows process. Exceptions occur when copying large data consisted of a small sizes, there’s no significant time differences. In addition, copy the data to Flashdisk is slower, this is because Flashdisk has low power compared to writing a hard disk, so the techniques used are not much helpful to increase the speed.


After TeraCopy installed, when you copy or move files, this operation will be replaced with TeraCopy as picture above. To restore the normal copy of the windows, but not uninstalling TeraCopy, you can set preference in TeraCopy menu. Just click TeraCopy icon, then select Preferences and then remove the option "Use TeraCopy as the default copy handler" and click OK.

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Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Tweaking

Posted by absnet on 7 February 2010

PowerToys add fun and functionality to the Windows experience. What are they? PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released.

Note: We take great care to ensure that PowerToys work as they should, but they are not part of Windows and are not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys. PowerToys are for Windows XP only and will not work with Windows Vista.


•If you installed PowerToys prior to April 23, 2002, you must uninstall your old PowerToys before installing the versions available here.

•PowerToys only work with U.S. English regional settings.

Current PowerToy options:

Color Control Panel Applet

Professional-level photographers and designers know that getting consistent, accurate color from file to screen to print and beyond is a requirement for great results. This new tool helps you manage Windows color settings in one place. Download or learn more.


With new sources of files coming from every direction (such as digital cameras, e-mail, cell phones, portable media players, camcorders, PDAs, and laptops), SyncToy can help you copy, move, and synchronize different directories. Download or learn more.

RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer

Are you a serious photographer? Now you can organize and work with digital RAW files in Windows Explorer (much as you can with JPEG images). This tool provides thumbnails, previews, printing, and metadata display for RAW images. Download or learn more.

ClearType Tuner

This PowerToy lets you use ClearType technology to make it easier to read text on your screen, and installs in the Control Panel for easy access.

HTML Slide Show Wizard

This wizard helps you create an HTML slide show of your digital pictures, ready to place on your Web site.

Open Command Window Here

This PowerToy adds an "Open Command Window Here" context menu option on file system folders, giving you a quick way to open a command window (cmd.exe) pointing at the selected folder.

Alt-Tab Replacement

With this PowerToy, in addition to seeing the icon of the application window you are switching to, you will also see a preview of the page. This helps particularly when multiple sessions of an application are open.

Tweak UI

This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.

Version 2.10 requires Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2003.

Power Calculator

With this PowerToy you can graph and evaluate functions as well as perform many different types of conversions.

Image Resizer

This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

CD Slide Show Generator

With this PowerToy you can view images burned to a CD as a slide show. The Generator works downlevel on Windows 9x machines as well.

Virtual Desktop Manager

Manage up to four desktops from the Windows taskbar with this PowerToy.

Taskbar Magnifier

Use this PowerToy to magnify part of the screen from the taskbar.

Webcam Timershot

This PowerToy lets you take pictures at specified time intervals from a Webcam connected to your computer and save them to a location that you designate.

Note : Goto http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx for more information

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Gravity EduGames, Crayon Physics

Posted by absnet on 21 January 2010

These games based on the laws of physics, especially gravity and is suitable for children from elementary school  to adults.

Crayon Physics, a simple 2D game,  with simple pictures of crayons. For the first time you see this game, you may not be interested, because usually only children who love to play with crayon. But behind its simple appearance, this game is interesting to play, we will be invited to think and solve existing problems.

This 2D game based on simple physical laws, namely gravity. The main objective is to hit star picture with a ball that was provided. To hit the stars, we can draw things like lines, boxes, rocks, chains, boards and so on. Because of limited movement of ball (straight or falling down according to gravity), then we must think how can we make the ball reach the stars there.


Players can create objects to move the ball. For example by making a simple lever, dropping the rock / box, making rope winding, making it swing to hit the ball and so on.

All objects drawn will fall down, and all fall will look natural, like there really earth’s gravity. not only that, all the objects will interact with the image objects around them, in accordance with the force of gravity. Making a program like this would require knowledge / good physics knowledge. This game was  winner in the Independent Games Festival 2008.

Freeware lovers, maybe a little bit disappointed, that because this game is not free, sold at a price of $ 19.95. But since 1 year ago, we can get the full version of this game whatever price we want until January 15, 2010 (the creators call this Buy the Game Pay what you want). So even though we pay for with $ 0.1, $ 1 or $ 5 you can get this game. Payments made with Paypal. Purchases can be made from http://crayonphysics.com.

For those of you who do not have the funds (in the paypal account), wants to try, or do not have time to get cheap promotion dates above, you can download the demo version that can be played up to level 2 (there are around 18 levels that can be executed) Download Demo (approximately 24 MB ). For the full version you can run around 80 levels. In this game also provided the editor, so users can create levels or play with their own difficulty level.

If you have sons and daughters who often use computers, there is no harm in giving this game, to bring their thinking and develop their thinking ability.

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