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Download Free Ebooks on Windows 7

Posted by absnet on 1 February 2010

Windows 7 has been released sometimes ago, and customer looks like more satisfied than with Vista release. We can say that windows 7 is an enhancement of Windows Vista. If you are new with Windows 7, and has lack of references about this new release, Microsoft gives us free ebooks about this interesting Operating System.

Software developer or application in Windows 7 platform, should not miss this interesting ebooks. Some of this books consist only one or more chapters of book content, but it’s worth to read and to be a reference when needed.

Windows 7 Inside Out
Learning how to be an expert in Windows 7. This ebook gives tips, solution on many problems arise in Windows 7.

Chapter 21: Performing Routine Maintenance

Download PDF file (4,203 KB)

Download XPS file (1,261 KB)

Windows 7 Resource Kit
It’s an ebook sample which give an explanation on how to manage Windows 7, contribution from Microsoft Most Valued Professional and Windows 7 Team.

Chapter 23: Support Users and Remote Assistance

Download PDF file (1,360 KB)

Download XPS file (1,244 KB)

Chapter 29: Deploying IPv6

Download PDF file (1,360 KB)

Download XPS file (1,244 KB)

Windows 7 Step by Step
This ebook explain about using Windows 7, step by step. Chapter  1 : Explore Windows 7 dan Bab 2: Navigate Windows and Folders

Chapter 1: Explore Windows 7

Download PDF file (1,870 KB)

Download XPS file (2,610 KB)

Chapter 2: Navigate Windows and Folders

Download PDF file (2,709 KB)

Download XPS file (4,497 KB)

Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine.
If you want to develop applications under Windows 7, and want to know about Windows 7 System, you cannot miss this ebook. Written by many experts including Windows 7 Team.

Download ( 6.5 MB)


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A-Z Computer and Data Security Threats

Posted by absnet on 22 November 2009

Computer and data security threat  can come from many sources, such as viruses, trojans, and others. One big security vendor, Sophos,  give a guide (pdf ebook) explain us for better know and be alert to the data and computer security. Threatsaurus, a guide from a to z for data security and computer.

Are you an IT professional, computer users in the office or simply Internet browser, this ebook is suitable for you.
This free PDF ebook Threatsaurus, the a to z of computer and data security threat, containing starting from A – Z matters related to computer security (a to z of threats), such as Adware, Autorun worms, Trojan Backdoor, until the term Botnet Zombies. Each term is described with clear and sometimes given concrete examples of previous events.


This ebook is comprised of 120 pages also contain an explanation of the security software (security software) such as Anti-spam, Antivirus, Firewall and others. Then the next chapter discusses tips for maintaining computer security / data (safety tips), such as how to:

  • Avoiding viruses, trojans, worms and spyware
  • Avoiding Hoax
  • Securing data
  • Avoid spam
  • To be safe on the internet
  • Choosing a secure password
  • Safe buying online
  • and other

Finally, this ebook explains a brief history of the development of virus (Virus Timeline), starting from 1949 until 2009 this year.

You can get this Ebook from sophos website. Sophos also provided a free program for data encryption and security programs (security) for a trial period. If you want to directly download their ebook, you can click on this Threatsaurus link, the az of computer and data security threat (PDF, 2.5 MB).

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