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Open PDF File Faster with Adobe PDF Lite

Posted by absnet on 24 February 2010

Nowadays, PDF Reader Application Program (program to read PDF Document), has become very important program in our computer, such as Office program. We often you Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the most complete Free PDF Reader that support newest features.

Unfortunately, Adobe Reader getting crowded with added features / plugins which, sometimes we not need it, and in turn, it makes this application load longer.

These features (plugins), such as auto update, autorun, running in background, actually not so important for us, but consume our hard drive space, memory and our computer CPU, and of course load slower than it should.

Alternatively, we can use other PDF Reader available online, such as Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF, which is lightweight and fast, but sometimes for complex document, they can render perfectly.

To overcome this problem, some people has make a Lite version of Adobe Reader, that they call it Adobe Reader Lite. They call it Lite, because in this version, they only include more important features, and remove any un-needed features without sacrifying it’s ability.

Adobe Reader Lite Feature
  • Remove dekstop shortcut  and autorun function
  • Shortcut in start menu converted without any ad
  • Some features commonly un-needed, was removed.
  • Remove Agreement license pop-up
  • Remove Auto Update feature
  • AcroRd32Info.exe was removed without log error message
  • Form Disertakan fitur Pengisian Form
  • Dialog ( button for online ) in toolbar was removed  (”help make Adobe Reader better” and Create PDF using Acrobat.com” )
  • Changing some interface (v9.1)

Installation file for Adobe Reader Lite only about 18.29 MB, far more smaller compared to  Adobe Reader 9.1 which has size about  41.1 MB. Installation process is far more faster, besides disk space needed which is 60% less. Check the picture below for detail :

Adobe acrobat Reader Installation

Adobe acrobat Reader Lite Installation

You can check newest version of Adobe Reader Lite from majorgeeks.com. Alternatively, you can download from  softpedia.com.

Download Adobe Reader Lite ( majorgeeks.com )
Download Adobe Reader Lite ( Softpedia.com )


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