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Indonesia anti-graft chief arrested by police as suspect in murder

Posted by Hari Saryono on 13 May 2009

JAKARTA — Indonesia’s top graft-buster, Antasari Azhar, was arrested after being named as a suspect in the murder of a businessman after he was questioned for several hours on Monday at Jakarta’s police headquarters.

“Today he was interviewed as a witness and after the end of that interrogation, based on strong evidence, he will be interrogated (in this investigation) as a suspect,” Wahyono, Jakarta’s police chief, told a news conference.

The scandal has dealt a blow to the reputation of the Corruption Eradication Agency, or KPK, which has been at the forefront of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s efforts to crack down on graft and attract foreign investment.

“The public believed in the KPK as an institution, in their integrity. But now they see that one of their leaders is involved in this kind of case, that could change,” said Adnan Topan Husodo, a member of Indonesia Corruption Watch.

“To rebuild public trust, the KPK needs to continue with the big cases that are still ongoing. The KPK has no choice but to improve their performance.”

But Husodo said Azhar’s case probably would not affect Yudhoyono, who is seeking re-election in July.

The KPK, which has investigated dozens of officials including politicians and central bankers for corruption, has been quick to stress it will continue its work without Azhar.

“KPK is an organisation that does not rely on one person,” said Haryono Umar, a KPK deputy for corruption prevention.

Azhar’s alleged involvement in the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, a director of state-owned pharmaceutical firm Putra Rajawali Banjaran, has dominated the news in Indonesia because of its combination of alleged murder, corruption, and sex.

Local media have reported that the two men were both involved with a 22-year-old female golf caddy. The police said on Monday other suspects in the case include a senior police official.

Azhar’s lawyers said they hope his arrest would be deferred.

Zulkarnaen, who had been a witness in a corruption case investigated by the agency, was killed by two gunmen in March.

At a packed media conference, Jakarta’s police chief showed reporters the pistol which was used to kill Nasrudin, and other evidence including two motorcycles, one used by the gunmen and another one bought by the killers once they had been paid.

But police declined to comment on details of the case.


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Chelsea Lost Threaten Referee Life

Posted by Hari Saryono on 10 May 2009

The performance of Tom Henning Ovrebo at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night was nothing new to Norwegian football fans.

They chant ‘Mer hur enn hyerne’ – you have more hair than brains – at the bald official whenever he makes a mistake which, if you speak to any of them, appears to be fairly regularly.

Tom Henning Ovrebo

Still asleep: Tom Henning Ovrebo naps on the plane to Oslo yesterday after his dozy display at Stamford Bridge enraged Chelsea players.

Dressed in a pair of jeans, some rugged mountain boots and a scruffy T-shirt that, much like his officating, had seen better days, the man with all the answers to all of Chelsea’s questions flew home on flight SK804 from Heathrow to Oslo yesterday morning.

It had been some night. Bundled into the back of a silver Mercedes outside Stamford Bridge two hours after Andres Iniesta’s magnificent strike sent Barcelona into the final on May 27, he was whisked away to a safe-house instead of his room, 403, at a plush retreat in London’s Holland Park.

UEFA changed his flight, fearing a gang of Chelsea supporters would ambush him before he boarded the 7.20am from Heathrow.

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Carrie Prejean Joining National Organization for Marriage

Posted by Hari Saryono on 5 May 2009

Still remember Carrie Prejean. She was a Controversy because of her answers on Gay Marriage. Many people said that her answer stealing her crown. But she is making a move now!

Now Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean is here to go "On the Record." A national controversy exploded when Carrie answered a question from a Miss USA Judge Perez Hilton and said she did not support gay marriage.

Carrie is not backing down and may be just ratcheting up the controversy. She has joined up with the National Organization for Marriage as part of an ad campaign promoting traditional marriage.

She spoke today at the National Press Club.

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reader_s, thunmail\testabd.dll? It’s Virut. Make sure you Format it

Posted by absnet on 4 May 2009

Well, so long not writing virus removal, because there’s no new virus. But lately, my computer just infected. I found that there’s a process name reader_s and everytime users use explorer.exe, computer began unstable (hang). So, I restart the computer and using autoruns, I found this


Two reader_s. Try to search reader.exe in your google, and I confirmed that this is a virus. So I use process explorer to explore my running program. And reader_s and svchost.exe is there (svchost.exe not owned by windows program). I stopped the the processes and delete reader_s in that registry (place is above), delete the file and restart. But, what I’ve?

The virus is comeback again. I wonder about this situation. Virus should be killed in this way. Trying twice is not succeed. It must be another triggering program somewhere. So I try to dig further in Autoruns. Maybe this reader_s is called from dll files. I try to search using Total Commander. Here’s my search parameter

search param

Well, there’s not a good result, except another tmp and txt program. Impossible *.txt can be converted to exe programs, so there’s must be a line to convert or make another reader_s. Digging deeper in autorun, I found testabd.dll in Appinit tab. Testabd?. What the hell it is.

Typing testabd.dll into my google, and I confirmed that it’s a dangerous virus. Dangerous huh?. The location is in Program files/thunmail/testabd.dll. I try to delete this one and succeed. It’s mean, the dll is not uploaded in memory. I try again to search to ensure there’s no similar program as trigger. There’s No single one. Well, now, my computer should be free of virus!!. Restart again, and……

reader_s and testabd.dll coming there again!. So, I try to read carefully in google, what’s this file actually do?. Well, I found that:


VIRUT?… yes, you’re right. VIRUT.

There’s no other way to kill this virus except


Sorry, i can’t find another way. I’ve prove it!.

Maybe you can found an antivirus boasting that they able to clean this virus type. But I say, try it yourself, and your windows won’t work, because antivirus just delete your infected file. And luckily, the infected file is important windows file.

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Posted by Hari Saryono on 2 May 2009

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