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Total Commander for Virus Killer

Posted by absnet on 31 January 2009

As i have promised before, i will give you short manual to use your Total commander as one of your very powerful Virus Killer Tool

Total commander has many advantages compared with our Search in Windows Explorer, in the feature explain below:
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Bad News From imissyou@btamail.cn.net

Posted by absnet on 31 January 2009

One of my computer just got eml virus. This is a virus that creating readme.eml to every folder, which contain imissyou@btamial.cn.net in it’s body. I googled it in the net and found it’s name W32.Chir.B mass mailing worm, Redlof or anything (that’s not important isn’t it?). It’s spread from the email attachment, and infecting *.html, *htm, *.exe. The hidden file here is runouce.exe.
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Yuyun Thread still Spread

Posted by absnet on 29 January 2009

Well, well. Analyzing my blog traffic, I thought Yuyun virus still spreading over many computer. I don’t know how this blog can help you, because there’s no request or question dropping into my comment box. I am worried that you will be dissappointed because when you surfing here, expecting something more straightforward, a program that automatically clean your computer, in reality, this blog only show you how to clean it yourself. It’s not practical..

Now, i am thinking about making a little stand alone script to do all the task. But, of course you should be patient, because it’s need much time of mine, while i’m busy doing another task.

Showing a cleaning trick has two face. It can be good, because it help people to clean their computer, but it can be bad, because virus maker will gain the advantage to delevop another varian and killing our application easily. But, that life is. People has to be change, like what
Commercial said : YANG MUDAH BERUBAH, JARANG SUSAH. Anyone easily change will not suffer.

If you have question about new virus or want to send me a virus sample, please let me know.

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Tanya Jawab tentang Penanganan Virus

Posted by absnet on 28 January 2009

Berikut ini beberapa tip untuk menangani virus di komputer anda

Komputer anda lambat dan sepertinya ada virus

Pastikan virus atau bukan dengan melihat Task Manager (Tekan Ctrl+alt+del bersamaan). Hentikan (Delete) program-program yang sekiranya tidak terlalu berguna dan membebani komputer anda. Kalau virus ya berarti harus dimatikan dulu di memori supaya tidak menjalar. Read the rest of this entry »

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Microsoft Virtual PC

Posted by absnet on 27 January 2009

Bagi anda yang ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang sebuah virus, tentang jalannya program tertentu di sistem operasi berbeda atau ingin mencoba sistem networking, namun tidak mempunyai kabel ataupun komputer yang lain, anda bisa menggunakan Microsoft Virtual PC. Virtual PC merupakan program gratis dari Microsoft yang dapat mensimulasikan sistem operasi lain. Anda bisa misalkan menginstall linux di sistem operasi windows xp anda. atau DOS, atau yang lain. Anda juga dapat melakukan networking antar sistem operasi, yaitu antara windows anda dengan windows di Microsoft Virtual PC. Semua hardware anda dipunyai oleh Virtual PC anda asalkan disetting demikian. Read the rest of this entry »

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