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New scheme of Avira Update promise a faster download

Posted by absnet on 29 November 2009

I’m sure you’ve know Avira, one of my recommended free antivirus. Avira is improving and improving by day. Now, to answer consumers need on faster update, Avira changed the update scheme in order to improve update speed and size.

As we know, Avira update need at least 30 MB filesize. This update always release every Thursday. That’s, for some customers, especially in low connection or high load, slowing the system. But starting from November, 17 this year, Avira 9 implementing new update concept which make update process faster and  without disruption, even during peak times.

Why Avira User need constant updates?. That’s because new malware created each day, new virus created found newest technology to infect their victims. A Week for update maybe too late, especially for computer connected to internet, because every second they connected, opening a possibility to be infected by new smarter virus.

Avira has responded to the feedback from its users with a much-improved update process: Instead of the current four files, in future the virus database will consist of 32 files. This will reduce the size of the individual updatable files, so that in future less data will be delivered in each update. Avira also uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which uses numerous servers distributed throughout the Internet to deliver the data more quickly.

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Unlocker, software to force delete your unwanted files (Freeware)

Posted by absnet on 28 November 2009

  • Ever had such an annoying message given by Windows?
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    isi32.exe removal, in case it is not show up in your Task Manager

    Posted by absnet on 28 November 2009

    Well, this is the second part of my first isi32.exe removal. Unluckily, in my first post, my isi32.exe isn’t run in my memory yet, then I think this is false alarm. I really know that this is virus when I look at my friends computer and found isi32.exe there. Trying to straight delete in my Total Commander is failed, because virus still working. After trying a while, I found the way to remove this thread.  
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    Winrar and Winzip Password Recovery, is it possible?

    Posted by absnet on 27 November 2009

    Someone asking me is it possible to use password recovery software to "brute forcing" your Winzip or Winrar password. It sound promising when you googling to the net and finding a software come with the promise "able to recover your lost password". You download that software, installing it on your computer, and let’s the software work. But when you see the estimate time to guess, you put aside that file..

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    How to Open pdf file which cannot be print?

    Posted by absnet on 25 November 2009

    My friend complaint me about his favourite daily magazine in pdf could not be printed or copied, while he needed very much. So, this is a challange, right?. As usual, I always try to take an advantage in programs I have. So, here’s my solution :

    Target: http://versipdf.jawapos.co.id

    First try using NitroPDF on http://versipdf.jawapos.co.id has a good result. It’s not only copy and print, I even able to edit, rearrange the lay-out. You can do anything you imagine on a pdf document.

    Congratz, the problem solved.

    Forgotting a password is very natural. What about forgotting pdf password?. I can say, this is difficult, because similar as winzip and winrar password, if your password more than 7 characters, it’s wasting your time..

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