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PacMan Game in Google, Only Today and Tomorrow!

Posted by absnet on 22 May 2010

Google Pacman

30th anniversary of Pac-Man game is apparently very special to  Google as it appears in the Google home page. Today, the Google homepage transformed into the gaming arena. If you happen to pass in front of the computer, there’s no harm in tasting or even nostalgic for the popular game in the 1980s.

Go to Google.com page, then the logo will appear a box game of Pac-Man. Wait for a few seconds before the game ready to play. If you happen to be connected with computer speakers, enjoy a typical oldies music.

Rules of the game Pac-Man : move the yellow circle through a maze of pathways forms word "Google" to take the points that are distributed in several locations. Do not colliding with the ghosts that haunt along the lines if you do not want to die. You can eat the Ghost only if you take a large yellow pills. Even dead, do not worry because the game will restart again. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

You can play even with your friends. If you have friend beside you, ask them to play together. Click the first button on the Insert Coin below the search box. Then ask your friends to use the keys W, A, S, and D to move up, left, down, and right.

Google claims Pac-man mini game is to mark important moments in pop culture influences the world. To commemorate as well as providing a place of nostalgia for the 1980s generation, this special Doodle will be available for 48 hours, Friday and Saturday. So, do not miss this short opportunity. When else?

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Shopping Online for Christmas

Posted by absnet on 11 December 2009

It’s nearly Christmas day. I’m sure you and your family has set a very good plan to spend Christmas. I imagine a complete family gathering,  singing together, exchanging gift, and make a small but unforgettable party. Hmm..smell of delicious roasted turkey and fresh wine.. How awesome

To prepare that unforgettable night, you should prepare well. List items needed in that planned party. Accessories, Lamps, music, gifts etc. Everything must be well planned and executed.

Now, after you list all what you need, the next step is buy it. There’s a trend among busy people to buy online. There’s many advantages to buy online. Of course, it’s simpler, because you don’t need to leave your room to buy. Beside that, you can compare price, search the products in a flash, see the things you want to buy in detail, getting many information about that products, and getting another customer feedback about that product in the quickest way. That’s something you can’t access, especially when you have limited social network. 

Shopping online is easy and promising, but because buyer and seller never meet physically, you need to be very careful. You should choose a website that has great integrity and has long history in online selling.

I want to show you one of legitimate seller in internet which now has worldwide network. It’s ShopWiki. In ShopWiki, you can find almost anything you need. This is because they have 30,000 stores instead of the usual 1,000 stores that other shopping sites have. Wow. That’s pretty much. And look at the directory list of goods available here: Accessories, arts & crafts, babies & toddlers, books, movies, music, collectibles and memorabilia, computers and software, food & beverage, health & beauty, home & garden, electronics, automotive, clothing, jewelry & watches, pets, video games, kids, sports and recreation, office, toy & games, video games, wedding. Almost everything.

Take an example, you need a Fashionable Mobile Phone  for Christmas. There’s more than 100 products available. You can view complete specification, compare price, search in specific store etc. Blackberry for a gifts must be a great ideas.

It’s guaranteed that if you visit ShopWiki, you’ll have a new perspective on products you want to buy. So, why don’t you  visit ShopWiki?

PS: for now, shopWiki available in : US, Australia, France, Deutschland, Nederland, Espana, Ireland

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Investing in gold?

Posted by absnet on 21 November 2009

As we already know, for centuries gold has been confessed in its unique blend of near indestructibility, beauty, rarity and  its status as a universal currency. Empires and nations have sought to possess gold as a medium of international exchange, as a store of wealth and in order to increase and preserve power. Individuals have used gold as a store of wealth and as insurance against the fluctuations and depreciation of paper money and other macroeconomic and geopolitical risks. Perhaps no other market in the world has the universal appeal of the gold market.

Gold can be said to be the world’s most liquid investment trading throughout the world daily. The market never closes and, as a result, you can buy and sell Gold in any country at any time. It’s price relatively stable. Gold can form the cornerstone of a conservative or aggressive strategy because it tends to move in the opposite direction of paper investments.


Gold is the ultimate asset and the purest form of money. It is the oldest, most durable wealth-preserving asset on the planet.  Governments can’t devalue it.  It has no debts, no board of directors, no politicians or central bankers that can mess with its value.  That’s why gold has survived every economy history has ever witnessed, and preserved investors’ purchasing power over a span of some 5000 years.

for your investing security, diversification and risk management is key factor. You should not put all your investment in one type of asset. So a healthy portfolio should includes a wide range of assets including a variety of equities with exposures to different market sectors and regions; a variety of different countries bonds; a diversified property portfolio; a cash component and a 5-15% allocation to gold-related investments and gold bullion or gold coins.

Some exposure to gold should be included in all diversified portfolios. A good rule of thumb would be a minimum allocation of around 10% to gold and related gold-investments.

Gold bullion (gold in its physical form) is the ultimate safe haven asset and a great way, if not the best way, of ensuring wealth preservation and for passing wealth from one generation to the next. Once the solid base or core holding of gold bullion is achieved in a portfolio then other investments in gold such as mining stocks and mutual funds and other more speculative gold investments can be considered.

Gold is more accessible to the average person because an investor can easily purchase gold bullion, from a dealer or, in some cases, from a bank. However, with the advent of more advanced financial instruments, gold, along with other commodities, has become much easier to invest in without having to buy the physical metal. There are now exchange traded funds (ETF), that replicate the movements of the underlying commodity, giving investors direct exposure.

for a description on how valuable gold is, if you had purchased $25,000 of gold coin in the early 70’s and held on to it during the oil crisis, inflation, devaluation of the U.S. dollar, Savings and Loan scandal, recession, tech and internet bubble, cooked books, 911, and a real estate bubble you could sell that gold today for $524,999.00.

interested in gold investing?

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Top Ten Famous Photos

Posted by absnet on 5 September 2009

10.The guy

He is the real guy

9.The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire [1911]

Picture of  the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire victim.  Company rules were to keep doors closed to the factory so workers (mostly immigrant women) couldn’t leave or steal. When a fire ignited, disaster struck. 146 people died that day.

Photographer: International Ladies Garmet workers Union


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Force India Speed Secret

Posted by absnet on 2 September 2009

Working Smart and Hit Rabbits

The Speed of  Force India-Mercedes at the Spa-Francorchamps make Formula 1 fans shook their heads. How can the"the worst" team has soared to the front, with Giancarlo Fisichella grabbed pole position and nearly won the Belgian Grand Prix?

The answer is not the magic of India. This success is  result of patience, a clever working way, plus the circumstances that make it possible. Also possibly, "smells of" good luck.

At the beginning of the season, Force India is not the slowest. In this most competitive season, less than two seconds per lap separating the fastest with the slowest.
Then testing restrictions limit the ability of richer teams to run away further from the others. While providing an opportunity for the  ‘poor’ teams to find the progress and stay close to the rich. Work smart and efficient use of budget, can be directly attached to the front.

Work smart, that is what Force India do. Remember, even though this team had existed a year ago, its base is a very experienced team. This team used to be Jordan, who later became Midland, and  Spyker, before change to Force India. F1 fan would know, Jordan is not a bad team. It’s smart team that can achieve maximum results with mediocre funds.

And at the beginning of the season, Force India is not bad. Several times Adrian Sutil likely reach points, but always failed because of various reasons, including getting out of track.

Remember too, they have a Mercedes-Benz engine, the same engine as that Brawn used. Not only the engine, Force India also use McLaren girboks. Thus, from the engine side, this is an elegant car. Just wrapped with a great chassis package, and they’ll be a competitive car.

Force India new speed is also already visible in the European Grand Prix, at Valencia, Spain, a week before the Belgian GP. The team came  there with the expected package. Because of limited fund, the new Force India just able to make significant car updates  in 11’s series. However, Force India technical team are able to work "smarter," discover exactly proper package.

The new package includes the front wings, aerodynamic accessories in addition to the car, and a new floor.
Although Force India fails to score point at Valencia, but its car performance there has been able to make the team owned by Vijay Mallya’s smiling to face the next competitions.

"I am very pleased with the performance of the team. We should be proud with the progress that we do," Mallya said in Valencia.

Before the race yesterday, Fisichela had praised the work of the Force India personnel at the team headquarters. "They have doing fantastic work considering our limited budget. I think our team works best in F1, which was better than Ferrari and McLaren," he said. "At the beginning of our season over nearly two seconds slower. Now it’s only a fraction of a second difference," he continued.

In Belgium, the situation contributing. Long circuit (more than seven miles) and flows provide an opportunity for the Force India car to show their abilities. Mercedes engines also push the car very well at the Spa straight long track.

Then, Fisichella skill and experience pushed the car more quickly. This 36 years driver was classified as master in Spa, repeatedly went to podium, including his first full season with Jordan-Peugeot, in 1997.

At Spa, there are also signs of "luck" during practice rounds last Saturday (29 / 8). At that time, Fisichella had hit a rabbit. "My engineer from British said , when we face something with rabbits, then it is a sign of good luck. If that’s true, then the next competitions around the circuit I will looking for more rabbits," said Fisichella after getting pole position.

In the next race, at Monza, Italy, September 13, later, Fisichella may not need to look for rabbits. If still with Force India (not drive for Ferrari), he had a strong capital to repeat the success in Belgium.

Monza circuit character is Super-fast , demanding a car with great engine and efficient chassis  aerodynamics. All that is now owned by the Force India. Podium again at Monza? Why not! Victory at Monza? Why not! From now on, never again underestimate the Force India.

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