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The short, plump, 47-year-old spinster who sang on Britain’s Got Talent is now a global sensation

Posted by Hari Saryono on 19 April 2009

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The short, plump, 47-year-old spinster who sang on Britain’s Got Talent is now a global sensation


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Susan Boyle First Interview With Scottish Television

Posted by Hari Saryono on 18 April 2009

The Susan Boyle Phenomenon hit the internet now. From first upload of her record on Britain’s Got Talent at April 11th, now there’s 19 Million people watched her performance and it’s still climbing.


If you didn’t have any collection of her performance, song and interview, here’s my collection:


Here’s a script of her interview on Scottish TV

Welcome to the program, Susan. What a time its been for you so far – on Friday you were unknown to the British nation, now you’re an internet sensation… 2.5 million people have watched that clip so far. How do you feel?

Gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked.

What’s it been like on the streets of Blackburn?

Everybody is wanting my autograph I’m telling you its really surreal.

What made you go in for this, because you’re a shy person. What made you push yourself forward for this?

Basically I wanted to fulfil a wish to my mother, I wanted to do something with my life. Not only that but I think I had a bit more to offer.

What did you do with your singing previously?

Basically in the choir, I’ve been in school productions, karaoke – you name it I was on it.

And when people heard you sing karaoke – had they said you’ve got to go on Britain’s got talent or one of those shows?

Well they did mention it once or twice, and then I said to them well I’ll have a go at it now and see how far I get.

The judges loved you, the audience loved you – were you confident when you stepped out on that stage you would get a good reaction?

I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get – I’m being honest with you. But i just got through with it you know. You just get on with it.


Because as your performance progressed everybody started to stand up – could you actually see that past the lights? Could you see that happening?

I couldn’t have – ‘cos I had my eyes closed half the time. 

Did you get a chance to chat to the judges afterwards?

No, I didn’t no. You don’t do that anyway – its not professional. 

So where is this going to go Susan – are you going to wait and see what happens? How far do you think you can go with this?

Through to the bitter end. But I’ll do something – wee baby steps. 

Well absolutely brilliant – we really want our viewers to get behind you. I’m sure that everyone watching just thought you were absolutely jaw dropping. Piers Morgan wasn’t that nice about Scottish talent, he said there wasn’t a lot going on – so you’ve proved him wrong. So we need the 5.30 viewers and people of Scotland to get right behind you, and make sure you go all the way. And you would like that to happen?

I would yes. Thank you very much. 

Susan we wish you the very best – you’ve got the most amazing voice and your mum would have been very proud of you. Good to see you on the program. Thank you very much.

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