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Internet Job Available for Freelance Programmer

Posted by absnet on 24 February 2010

If you’re a programmer, beside gathering information from internet, you can get money in your pocket by offering your skill to help other. There’s many possibility available, but here’s some web list you can start to promote yourself.

RentACoder – If you’re a good programmer, there’s many jobs posted by software buyer. Just sign in for free, and you’ll find many jobs available for you. Bid any job there, if they deal with your offer, then you can start coding. And after finish, RentACoder will charge you 7.5 – 15% from all successful transaction. Typical bid Range $100 – $500


DesignQuote – If you’re freelance programmers or web designers, you can get new client leads daily through this site. First you must purchase credits which are used to buy the lead. Higher budgets require more credits. Then designers contact clients directly via phone or email, which there are never more than 7 other designers bidding on a project. Once you get a client, they are yours forever. And you will never pay a commission or subscription. Bid Range Over $2000

iFreelance – Many available opportunities for programmers, web designers and graphic artists. Here, they charge you $4.69 to $9 /month, depend on membership type you choose. You can bid as many job as you want in any type of membership, and they don’t charge you for success job at all.

Heritage Web Solutions – Hosting company that hires freelance designers and programmers to build their customers sites. Must submit your portfolio for consideration. This site has a requirement that you must be 18 years old, and a U.S. citizen to apply. (All freelance employees must have a USB headset to contact clients through our in-house VOIP phone system)

Freelance Auction – Freelance web designers can place bids on proposals. Requires you pay them a commission from your earnings if you get the job for 10% or $10, whichever greater.

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Spice up your Chrome with Themes

Posted by absnet on 24 February 2010

Do you use Google chrome?. Yes, I’m Google Chrome addict, because of it’s fast and wide appearance. Fast eh?. If you don’t believe me, there’s some logical explanation about how fast and how good Google chrome performance compared to other in what-is-the-fastest-browser-today article.

Now, there’s something more. You can colorize your Chrome appearance with many choices of themes. Check it out yourself in this address. You can choose user submitted theme or standard theme. To apply a theme, just a button click.google chrome theme

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A Javascript Program to Disable and Enable Task Manager

Posted by absnet on 22 February 2010

Here’s a simple program to Activated or deActivated your task manager. The philosophy to activate or deactivated task manager  is simple, you  just write change registry value in  “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\DisableTaskMgr” by 0 or 1.

  • 1 mean Yes, you disable task manager
  • 0 mean, No, enable task manager.

The program below use javascript and windows scripting to write the value into registry. To implement this program, here’s how:

1. Open Notepad

2. Disable wordwrap option in notepad

3. Copy paste listing program below.

4. Choose Save As, Name it as tsk_mgr.js, with save file type as : All Files

5.  Save in C:\ or any folder you like

// Compact Program to Access  Task Manager
// Program name: tsk_mgr.js

function preambule(messages)
natan.popup(messages,0,"Task Manager Guard");
function Write_It(myValue)
var vbYesNoCancel = 3, vbYes = 6, vbNo = 7, myValue, messages, MyQuestion, natan;
natan = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
messages = "Choose a Menu :\n\n"+
"Click [Yes] to Non-activate Task Manager.\n"+
"Click [No] to activate Task Manager.\n"+
"Click [Cancel] to quit.\n\n"+
"[+] absnet.wordpress.com [+]\n\n"+
"Non-activating Task Manager now?";
MyQuestion = natan.popup(messages,0,"Task Manager Guard",vbYesNoCancel);
if (MyQuestion == vbYes)
messages="Task Manager De-activated!";
else if (MyQuestion == vbNo)
messages="Task Manager Activated!";
messages="Thank you for using this program.";

To run this program, right click the program and choose Open WithMicrosoft Windows Based Script Host. Open With Windows based script Host

Output of this program is as pictured below

Task Manager Guard 

Just Choose Yes, No, or Cancel

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Tricks to Hide special folder easily and cheaper

Posted by absnet on 21 February 2010

Sometimes, we have a special folder where we don’t want anyone except us see what’s inside or even change it. There’s many option you can choose to hide this kind of folder.

First, you can use applications such as Folder Guard, Folder Hide Pro or other applications in this kind. Although sometimes, the price for this kind of software is very expensive, maybe you can choose this option, because what you hide in your special folder is very expensive. Alternatively, you can use freeware, but, as freeware, of course there’s many limitation.

Well, with any arbitrary sophisticated folder hide application you use, the password still can be steal by keylogging techniques, which is the intruder insert a small program to record any keystroke you type in your computer. To put this kind of program, the intruder use social engineering methods, for example by borrowing your computer, or asking you to install a program which contain a trojan (a spy program). As I said earlier, any difficult password can be break with this method, because they actually not break the code, they just steal your password.

What is the Simplest Way?

There always ways to do something. You can use one of 3 ways I proposed below:

1. Folder Redirecting

The heart of this system lies on the concept to redirect any attempt to open our folder to another folder or application we like.  To clarify this technique, you can try this one:

  • Choose a folder you want to protect
  • Then, rename that folder, by adding text such as below.
    • Ex : SecretFolder.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-089002B30309D}
    • Where SecretFolder is folder you want to hide
  • Now, try to open this folder by double clicking the icon!
  • You will be redirecting to Control Panel!.
  • Simple, and free, right?

Now, how to Unprotect this folder. That’s easy as 1,2,3. Just rename the folder by removing text added, and your folder will be act as usual folder.

Here’s a short list of folder redirecting you can choose. The possibility actually is unlimited if you can read the computer registry

> Redirect to control panel
> Redirect to Drive
> Redirect to printer
> Redirect to Favorite URL
> Redirect to Temporary internet files
folder .{88C6C381-2E85-11D0-94DE-444553540000}
> Redirect To Schedule task
> Redirect to Network

2. Folder Hidden

In this method, we try to remove folder icon as well as folder name. Try this steps:

  • Make a text file, name it desktop.ini. And copy paste into this file, this string


  • Save and copy desktop.ini to folder you want to hide.
  • Check again your folder. The folder icon will be disappear. But still, your folder name still exist.
  • To remove folder name, rename the folder, and press key combination “Alt+255” and push enter
  • Now, your folder name should disappear. This is because Alt+255 is an empty character, so there’s no text in folder name.

To unprotect this kind of protection, you can drag around your explorer, and your empty folder will be visible (see the picture below.

hidden folder revealed

Then, you can rename and delete desktop.ini inside the folder to make the folder appear as usual.

3. Folder Hiding in Windows File

As we know, people seldom open Windows folder, because that’s a system folder. In addition, by default windows give a warning when someone try to open this folder. So, by putting our secret folder between this windows file, people will wrongly think that our folder is windows default folder.

So, easy isn’t it?. You can combine that three method to make your folder even more secure. Any other method in hiding folder is welcome, please give a suggestion.

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