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Internet Job Available for Freelance Programmer

Posted by absnet on 24 February 2010

If you’re a programmer, beside gathering information from internet, you can get money in your pocket by offering your skill to help other. There’s many possibility available, but here’s some web list you can start to promote yourself.

RentACoder – If you’re a good programmer, there’s many jobs posted by software buyer. Just sign in for free, and you’ll find many jobs available for you. Bid any job there, if they deal with your offer, then you can start coding. And after finish, RentACoder will charge you 7.5 – 15% from all successful transaction. Typical bid Range $100 – $500


DesignQuote – If you’re freelance programmers or web designers, you can get new client leads daily through this site. First you must purchase credits which are used to buy the lead. Higher budgets require more credits. Then designers contact clients directly via phone or email, which there are never more than 7 other designers bidding on a project. Once you get a client, they are yours forever. And you will never pay a commission or subscription. Bid Range Over $2000

iFreelance – Many available opportunities for programmers, web designers and graphic artists. Here, they charge you $4.69 to $9 /month, depend on membership type you choose. You can bid as many job as you want in any type of membership, and they don’t charge you for success job at all.

Heritage Web Solutions – Hosting company that hires freelance designers and programmers to build their customers sites. Must submit your portfolio for consideration. This site has a requirement that you must be 18 years old, and a U.S. citizen to apply. (All freelance employees must have a USB headset to contact clients through our in-house VOIP phone system)

Freelance Auction – Freelance web designers can place bids on proposals. Requires you pay them a commission from your earnings if you get the job for 10% or $10, whichever greater.


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