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Personas, Personalize your Firefox Appearance

Posted by absnet on 10 February 2010


maybe you’ve user Personas. This just a share for you that might not hear, or interested to use Personas.


What is Personas?
Personas is a new feature for mozilla firefox(version 3.6) skin, it’s more like add-on theme that can be download to your Firefox, but with more easier to use. With a couple of clicks, personas is ready. Up to now, there’s thousands personas from Firefox users all around the globe, you can choose any picture that fit yourself.

How to use Personas?
First, enter  Personas website, then click "Download" button, Personas will automatically download appropriate files to your firefox. then restart your firefox after installation complete. Enter to Galeri Personas. You just point your mouse to the picture you like, then automatically firefox change it’s appearance. Very easy eh?

Can we make our own Personas?
Of course, you can! This is a feature to share between personas user all over the world,

How to make our own Personas:
1. Header

* Dimension 3000px wide x 200px high (If more, it won’t be approved)
* PNG or JPG file format
* Max  filesize 300kb

2. Footer

* Dimension 3000px wide x 100px high
* PNG or JPG file format
* Max filesize 300kb

3. Can be tested offline

4. Upload

Note: Before upload, you should log-in first, sign up if you haven’t, here
After login, upload here : Upload Personas


3 Responses to “Personas, Personalize your Firefox Appearance”

  1. Never really thought about “dressing up” my Firefox, but your post has me curious, thanks!

  2. Rolf Kugel said

    Very good blog post I love your site keep up the great posts

  3. kishimii said

    I made 1 for my personal use ^_^

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