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Free Download: 140+ HD Widescreen Wallpaper

Posted by absnet on 10 February 2010

If you use LCD Monitor (widescreen), This wallpaper collection is fit you, because all of its dimension in  1920×1200 pixel (big enough for most of our screen).

Because of its dimension and picture quality, it’s size varied around some thousands KB to 4 MB.

This wallpaper collection serve by Airopia.org. And, a good news, you can use this for commercial as well as personal use. They divide this collection into 2 files, with  49 and 100 wallpapers. Although in widescreen size, this wallpaper can be used for standard monitor (CRT).

Here’s some bright sample of  49 HD widescreen wallpaper  :


     Download (32.1 MB)

And here’s some sample from 100 wallpapers package (mostly nature wallpaper )


Download (118.3 MB).

Make sure that your internet connection is fast enough, especially when you download this big wallpaper.

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