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2010 Antivirus Performance test result

Posted by absnet on 9 February 2010

In the beginning of 2010, I am again serving an antivirus test result by Raymond, where yesterday he execute several antivirus performance test ( speed and memory use). This test consist of 106 antivirus products, which range from free product, premium to internet security.

For the complete result, you can check Raymond blog. This is a resume of popular free antivirus comparation. Raymond use Windows XP SP3.

Raymond test using several criteria as follow:

  • Application Launch Time, running firefox browser 10 times, then calculate the average running time. 
  • Boot time Increase, Calculating how long time addition booting time with antivirus installed. 
  • Idle Memory Usage, Use of memory when idle. 
  • Peak Memory Usage, Use of maximum memory usage. 
  • Installation Size
  • Detection, using one encripted virus sample to avoid detection. 
  • Full Scan Time, computer scan time ( with the data samples 13.32 GB)

This graphs shows free antivirus test by Raymond. For detection test, only Spyware Terminator which able to detect and block encripted virus sample.

Launch Application Time

Boot Time Increase

Idle Memory Usage

Peak Memory Usage

Installation Size
installation-size (1)

Full Scan Time

Examining the result above, it’s rather difficult to conclude what is the best free antivirus performance, because there’s no one antivirus that powerful in all categories tested. Actually, Avast 5 has a relatively good result, and compared with it’s 4.8 version, lighter. But for full scan, this antivirus looks more slower than other free antivirus. So,  decide yourself what antivirus suit your need……

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  1. Muzhaki said

    Informasi yang menarik, Thank’s.

  2. megaman said


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