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What is The Fastest Browser today?

Posted by absnet on 7 February 2010

After Firefox 3.6 Released, another web browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera is  released their improved version too. Of course, this is advantage condition for users, because they can choose web browser which fit their need, fastest, stablest, and lightest…

LifeHacker recently test that web browsers performance. How is the result?

The test result shows that there’s no single browser which powerful in all criteria. But above all, Google Chrome (my favorite browser) shows the highest score. Congratulation!.

Boot-up dan Warm loading; Winner : Opera !

This test to know the speed of browser opening. Loading time with cold start (run after computer power button pushed) and warm start (restarting without turning the computer off). (graph: shorter, better)


Tab Loading; Winner: Google Chrome (stable)!

This test done by opening 9 web browser tab simultanously and count on how fast its respond. (graph: shorter, better)


Javascript; Winner: Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha

Test to see how fast a javascript code being executed  (graph: longer, better)

DOM/CSS; Winner: Chrome (Dev)!

CSS now is something that cannot be separated from a website. In this test, Google Chrome is most superior from other web browser (graph: longer, better)


Memory Usage, without Feature addition; Winner : Firefox 3.6!

If your computer memory is limited, firefox can be your answer. Firefox proven to be most memory friendly, although they need almost 100 MB. Google Chrome 4 (Stable), is the best in memory consumption!.  (graph: shorter, better)


Memory Usage with extension; Winner : Firefox 3.6

With the addition of Extension, Firefox 3.6 still show the smallest memory consumption.


Final Result

With all tests above, final score for each browser is as follows (excluding test with memory extension). Maximum score : 35.

* Google Chrome 4.0.302.3 (dev): 25
* Google Chrome (stable): 24
* Firefox 3.6: 20
* Firefox 3.5.4: 21
* Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha: 25
* Opera 10.01: 15
* Safari 4.0.4: 19

Although Google Chrome is not powerful in all criteria, but it’s score is highest. You should consider Firefox if your memory is limited. But now, I think, memory is not a problem anymore.

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