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Installing 2 Or More Antivirus in A Computer, is it needed?

Posted by absnet on 7 February 2010

Several people ask me about how if we install 2 or more antivirus in a computer?. Some of us maybe think that it’s more secure for our computer, and another may think it’s redundant.

what is the best option?. Are we need 2 or more antivirus in a computer?. Here’s some consideration for you.

Actually, it’s not recommended to install more than one antivirus software in a computer, except for local antivirus to clean manually. Antivirus software vendor usually prohibit installing more than one antivirus.

The Consideration

If you really want to install 2 antivirus in a computer, you should consider this things:

  • Computer specification. Make sure that your CPU and Memory (RAM) is more than enough. You can check minimun requirement for each antivirus.
  • If both antivirus detect the same virus in a file, it can be a problem. You should should take manual action to resolve the problem. See the explanation below.
  • Sometimes, one antivirus is not suitable to be installed together another antivirus. You should check the documentation or help file for detail. 
  • You should give one antivirus greater priority than other. 
  • Read the manual and documentation of each antivirus
Some antivirus can run together.

Here’s some antivirus that can run together without arising serious problem, except, memory consumption, maybe. AVG Free edition 7.5 or 8.0 can run together with Avira 8.0 and Avira 8.0 Free edition. This can be add with Avast 4.8 Home Edition (Free) without any other additional problem, except that your computer run very slow (of course!).

Avira 8.0 Free Edition can run together with Rising Antivirus Free Edition. Also, Avira 8.0 Free Edition can run smoothly with Bit Defender 10 Free Edition, but Kaspersky 2009 cannot be installed when Avira Antivirus exist in a system, maybe another antivirus too. So, Kaspersky is an exclusive antivirus, I guess.

How if 2 Antivirus detect the same virus file?

When there are 2 or more and antivirus installed on the computer, it can and very likely to occur. And sometimes this can cause problems, because if an antivirus detect a virus, antivirus will lock the file, so that it can not be accessed, run or even be deleted manually.

Maybe it happened, when one antivirus will delete or put into quarantine, this operation failed because other antivirus lock the access file. If this happens, we can non-activate one antivirus first, and then retry delete or put into quarantine. Though, this may not be successful and antivirus still locked the file.

Still Want to keep 2 Antivirus installed?

If you want to keep install 2 or more antivirus, but then you worried about the crash, error, conflict, slow computers and so forth, you can then only activated one antivirus in a time.

Each antivirus usually have menus that work actively monitor the computer all the time, such as: Active guard, Real-time guard, Proactive defense, Resident shield, Resident Protection and so on. To prevent conflicts and reduce computer work, we can be simply enable or disable this feature for an antivirus only. While other antivirus turned off (not activated), they can only  used to scan manually if necessary.

Or we could also turn off the autorun feature or prevent the automatic anti-virus running under Windows, which can be arranged through a program like Autoruns. With this program, we can see what antivirus is running when windows start (boot). But with just autorun software, sometimes is not enough, because anti-virus can activate itself through service windows (can be checked in the menu Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services)

Experience is also important

This also may be the considerations, the experience of others who previously installed 2 or more antivirus  in a single computer is important. If you or your friends  had used two or more antivirus, please give feedback / comment. Whether there is ever a problem or not, we  can share our experience  each other and getting benefits from this


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