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Ultimate Windows Tweaker, Free Windows 7 / Vista Tweaking program

Posted by absnet on 5 February 2010

If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and want to change some hidden setting in it, you can use a software call Ultimate Windows Tweaker. This portable free tool serve as optimizing and tweaking tool, which make your operating system faster, stable and saver in a few click.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker will detect automatically your operating system, whether it’s Windows 7 or Vista, and the interface will change based on the operating system.

The feature of this nice small program include:


System Information :
– Showing Operating System Information, Version and built number, system rating, Processor, RAM, computer description etc.

– Windows Explorer, many options related to menus in Windows Explorer.
– Customize Start Menu, such as hide some menu items etc.
– Taskbar Appearance such as Disable Aero Peek preview, lock taskbar, disable windows preview (thumbnails), remove some icons etc.

User Account & UAC
– Change some menu in Welcome Screen
– Change text effect in Welcome Screen, as well as its background
– Some arrangement in User Account Control

System Performance
– Change Tooltip, showing actual value in milisecond.
– “Action Menu”
– Tweaking system performance, such as auto end non-responding applications, restart shell automatic, Unload DLL from memory, etc.
– Services Optimization, such as Disable Superfetch service, Windows Security Center, Windows Time service, Printer spooling, Tablet PC, Windows Update and Windows Aero user interface.

Security Settigs
– Administrative restriction, such as disable Registry editor, command prompt, Task manager, MMC snap-ins, WinKey Control, System Restore, change appearance and color, Control panel, auto play etc.
– Windows Explorer Restriction : Disable folder options, removing  tab security, CD burn feature and removing context menu from explorer.
– Windows Application Restriction, such as disable Windows media center, sound recorder, Windows Defender, sidebar, error reporting and windows mobility center.
– Windows Update Setting

Network Tweaks
– Many networking tweaks
– Bandwidth Optimization

Internet Explorer
– IE Reset to default setting
– General, such as changing windows title, download directory and else
– Many settings in Tab and Advanced configuration

Additional Tweaks
– Showing context menu for drive and folder, as well as drive and file folder
– Many other tweaks, like disable Hibernation, windows startup sound, pagefile, encryption and others.

http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-v2-a-tweak-ui-for-windows-7-vista(zip 139 KB, exe around 345 KB)

Note :

This Program cannot be run in Windows XP tweaking.


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