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Converting Audio – Video Files to 3GP or 3G2 for Cell Phone

Posted by absnet on 19 January 2010

For those who are accustomed to terms of audio-video conversion, perhaps audio-video conversion to be executed on Mobile Phone is no problems at all. For those who have not, the following tips is written for easy conversion that can be played at Mobile Phone. Usually it use 3GP or 3G2 format.

Conversion using a free program called SUPER, because its features are abundant and supports many audio-video formats.

In early 2010, Super 2010 version has been released. This new version includes some additional features and improvements than v2009.build.36 (June 10, 2009). For those who do not have SUPER program, it can be downloaded from FileHippo SUPER v2010 build 37 ( 27.57 MB). Download and then install in your computer.

After you install SUPER, then you’re ready to convert you audio – video files. Run SUPER by clicking shortcut available, then follow this steps :

  1. Enter audio – video files to be converted, you can use Ctrl+A or right click and choose  Add Multimedia File(s) menu, or you can drag and drop files from windows explorer to SUPER program. 
  2. Choose 3GP format, and choose your Mobile Phone type( usually 3GP format is for  GSM network, and 3G2 for CDMA). If your Mobile Phone type is not available, you can try any type that work for your Cell phone.
  3. To get the best result, try to activate “DirectShow Decode”, optionally you can  give  watermark in video result. To open this menu, after  DirectShow Decode menu checked, click small icon beside it.

    You should remember, that not all PC can support directShow, depend on whether DirectShow codex installed or not. If DirectShow is not success, remove this option.
  4. Video format can be arrange as our need. If you choose Disable Video, then the result will only consist of sound. For  Video Scale size, set with our Mobile Phone screen size.  Frame/sec can be arranged too, for relatively good result, it’s about 25 fps (PAL). If you choose higher, output size is higher too.
  5. For  AUDIO option, you can leave the default value. Or if you want to increase or decrease the quality (sampling Freq and Bitrate). Channel 1, means mono and 2 means Stereo.
  6. Choose output setting by right clicking  SUPER and choose  Output File Saving Management menu, with Red Disc icon.
  7. After everything set, process the conversion by clicking  Encode (Active files).

    Maybe you should try another option to get the best result you want. With experiences, you can have a reference of the best output result

SUPER support many input format, audio and video. For complete SUPER features, please visit erigSoft

Download SUPER v2010 build 37 ( 27.57 MB)
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3GP


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