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WindMend Folder Hidden Review and How to

Posted by absnet on 22 November 2009

Now, we want to discuss the program to hide files and folders. We have a free program (freeware) who have hide files and folders capabilities, called WinMend Hidden Folders.

Here we will try to review the capabilities of this software on how safe the data is hidden.

Warning: Always remember your password when you use this kind of software. Because if you forget the password, it may be difficult to access the data again.

WindMend Hidden Folders program are free / freeware that can hide files and folders quickly both in the local partition or on removable drives such as Flash disks, and other External Hardisk.

Files / folders that are hidden will remain hidden even if the data accessed from other computers or from other operating systems in both the computer or from another computer. To access the data, you must provide the correct password.

More Features on WindMend Hidden Folders WinMend) are:

  • Safety First, the technology used does not damage the files or data and still maintain the security and reliability.
    High-Speed Hiding and Unhiding, capable of processing data quickly (instant) data in any size up to GB (GigaByte).
  • Support Removable Drives, able to hide missing something / folders in removable drives such as USB Flash Disk, External Hardisk and others. And this data is not visible on other computers.

How To Use

1. Download and Install the software from WindMend Website or here.


Click Hide Folder then navigate to the folder you want to hide then click OK.


The folder will remain hidden even if your folder option in Windows is set to Show Hidden files. The hidden folder will not be shown until you unhide it.  Hidden data can be displayed and unhidden only when the user enters the valid password.


To unhide the hidden folder, check the check box beside the folder you want to unhide then click on the Unhide button. To set it back to hidden select the folder then click the Set to Hide Button.


To hide a file, click Hide File(s) then navigate to the location of the file, click on the file and click open.


To unhide the file, check the check box beside the file then click the unhide button. Click the Set to hide button to hide again the file.


Note that upon your first log in to the program, you will be asked to enter and confirm your desired password. You will be using this password on the succeeding log in.  Based on WinMend’s documentation, this software is best for home use only – meaning it is not secured enough to secure more sensitive information like commercial and business data where more strict confidentiality is required.


Previously, I would recommend this program given the ability to hide data on removable drives, such as USB Flash. But after I tried, tested and analyzed, there was one weakness that I saw.

Indeed files / folders become invisible, but I saw the file / folder is hidden in the folder named Recycled. When we open this folder we will not see its contents. But this folder is deleted, it can be a disaster. The Recycled folder is not deleted, but the content will be deleted, so that our data hidden there also be deleted.

The same thing happen when we hide data on your hard drive. Actual data seems to be moved / stored in the RECYCLER folder, so when someone delete this folder, the data will be lost. Seeing this, if you still need this kind of software, you better use Hide Folders.


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