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Secure your folder with Free Hide Folders

Posted by absnet on 22 November 2009

If we have important data that not everyone can see it, especially if the computer is shared, privacy issues to be quite important. Although windows have been providing facilities to lock folder, but this function is still a lot of weaknesses (sometimes not enough)
To overcome this, we can use free software to hide files and folders, Hide Folders.

Hide Folders is a program with a simple look and very easy to use. We just need to add folders into hide list that appears in the Hide Folders windows. Once we activate Hide files and folders menu (icon) so it would "disappear" from view.


Although simple, Hide Folders is powerful enough. Folders that have been hidden can not be accessed, viewed in the search-box (search) or delete. Other users will not know the existence of this folder. And there is no limit to the number of folders on the Hide (hide).

The following are Hide Folders features:

  • Securely hide folders with your confidential data
    Works on Windows XP and Windows Vista, supports NTFS,
  • FAT32 and FAT file system.
    Password protection – folders can be unhid only after entering a password within the program.
  • Hidden folders can not be uncovered by deinstalling the program.
  • Unlimited number of folders can be hidden.
  • Folders are hidden even in Windows safe mode.
  • Fast and user-friendly skinned user interface.
  • Intuitive for usage, no learning curve.

Not recommended to install on computers that already have similar programs (using the technique to hide a folder)
Hide Folders should be installed on the computer and can not run as portable application. But after the install we can move the application from the installation folder (eg C: \ Program Files \ HFolders) into a separate container such as Flashdisk to access our computers, not other people’s computers. However, to uninstall to return to their home folder (the original).

How To Use

  • Click on Add Folder. The File Browser will show up.
    Navigate through File Browser to pick folder you want to hide. If you want to hide multiple folders repeat the operation for each folder you want to hide.
  • Click on "Hide" button. Refresh file view if needed. Selected folders will be hidden.
  • There is a check box next to each folder you selected. The "Hide" or "Unhide" operation will be executed on checked folders only. That is useful because you may have a larger number of hidden folders and you can hide/unhide number of them at the same time by checking the boxes on multiple folders.


If you forget your password or uninstalling the program, and we can not access data that is hidden, then we can open or access folders via a bootable CD like UBCD4Win, Ubuntu Linux or Windows operating system through another. Hard disk can also be opened on other computers to access the folder. So I think this application is secure.

Detailed information or direct Hide Folder Download (1.2 MB) 

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