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Great Tip for preparing Winter Activity

Posted by absnet on 19 November 2009

It’s November now. Winter will coming. Have you ready to face winter?.

Psychologists often tell us that winter can be a depressing time, for both adults and children. Weather considerations often keep people inside during the winter season. Is that happens for you?.

kids playing snow Of course not, because with suitable clothing, you still able to enjoy outside activities with your family, friends and colleague. You’ll be  comfortable, even at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Since we are a warm-blooded, our core organs that keep us alive, including your head with its precious brain, needs to be a specific temperature – 98.6 degrees. If it gets too hot, over 105 degrees, or too cold, below 93 degrees, our life is threatened.

Good insulation and exercise make us warmer.  A tightly woven layer on the outside, such as windproof pants, jacket or coveralls, keeps the wind from stealing away the trapped warm air.

And most important is, use ugg boots, that’s keep your leg frozen. ugg proven to be great cold insulation, suitable for all ages. The models is up to date and fashionable. So, while you’re outside, don’t forget to choose suitable size, model and color that match your coat or jacket in ugg boots sale.

Now, If you’re going to be active outside even on cold days, the layers of clothing that made your first moments outdoors bearable may amount to too much insulation. Before you know it, you’re sweating inside all those layers. As you feel the warmth build, it’s time to peel off some of the clothes. Don’t neglect this because when most clothing gets wet, it loses its insulating value and can actually pull the heat right out of you.

A few tips to keep you from overheating: first, take off your hat. If you’re still too warm, replace your mittens with a pair of gloves. Next, lower the zippers on your coveralls or windproof parka. If you are still too warm, remove an inside layer. If you anticipate a substantial variation in exertion and outdoor temperature, it is wise to dress with several thin clothing layers (as opposed to a couple heavier layers) for maximum adjustment.

If you start to cool down, put layers back on: first your hat, then mittens, then an inside layer. You can fine-tune your comfort most easily by adding or subtracting a hat or mittens, and zipping or unzipping your parka.

Now, what’s great activities you can have to enjoy winter?

here’s some of them:


  1. Skiing or Snowboarding.
    If you are fortunate enough to live close to a ski resort, skiing is a fun sport that can really build memories.
  2. Show-shoeing.
    A less expensive sport for people in snowy areas, show-shoeing offers some fun opportunities.
  3. Ice Skating.
    Not everyone will be a Tara Lipinski on skates, but many people enjoy ice skating together during the winter season. 
    ice_skating exercise
  4. Tubing or Sledding. 
    In areas with snowy climates, there are often good tubing hills around which are safe but exciting. More and more municipalities are building storm detention ponds in and around parks, and these are very good sledding locations.
  5. Snow Painting.
    Some of our friends have taken up snow painting as a fun family activity. All you need is a few water bottles with a squirt top, some water and food coloring and some snow. Fill each bottle with water and some food coloring and then head outside. A little imagination and some creativity will result in some great works of art.
  6. Igloos and Snow Caves.
    If you have lots of snow, it can be fun to build a snow shelter like an igloo or snow cave.



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