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Lorenzo is Back!

Posted by absnet on 1 September 2009

Win at Indy, Open Opportunity to be World Champion

Indianapolis – Watch out, Valentino Rossi. The struggle for the title of Moto GP 2009  world champion keep tight. And if you’re not careful, the title could be stolen by "yesterday born kid" and his team mate in the Fiat Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo.

Surprisingly, Lorenzo stole the victory in Indianapolis Grand Prix, United States, last Sunday (30 / 8, yesterday morning GMT). In the same race, the two closest competitors, Rossi and Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda), were felt.

As a result, Lorenzo’s standing position was again strengthened. Before the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Lorenzo left 50 points behind Rossi. Now, he’s only 25 points behind.

With five races remaining, providing a maximum 125 points, Lorenzo is still very possible to surpass Rossi and steal the title.

Lorenzo was well aware of this "new opportunity". And maybe that’s why, he confessed a bit sad with the situation now. If not make a mistake and fell in Jerez (Spain), Donington (UK), and Brno (Czech Republic), maybe now he’s at the top.

"I am very pleased but also a little sad after this race (at Indy, Red). I am sad to have make mistakes. Without any mistakes, my position would have been much better," he said through Italia1 television stations.

However, Lorenzo claimed  will not change his race style. "If we want to be world champion, we should be like this. To race the limits," he said.

Before GP Indianapolis, Lorenzo had already said would continue aggressive. And he proved it when the race on the legendary circuit. At the beginning of the race, Lorenzo was behind Pedrosa and Rossi.

On the fourth lap, Pedrosa felt himself. Then, on the ninth lap, Lorenzo forced to pass Rossi. One lap later, Rossi felt trying to keep pace with Lorenzo.

After that, Lorenzo virtually no competition until the competition ends on the 28th lap, finishing ten seconds in front of Alex de Angelis (Honda Gresini).

Re talking about the struggle for the title, Lorenzo insists that he will continue to appear aggressive. Moreover, the next race was held in Rossi homeland, Circuit Misano, Italy (San Marino GP, 6 / 9).

"Beating Valentino has always been a difficult job. In his homelad, would even more difficult. But I myself like Misano, and I will try to finish in front. At least in the order of big three," he explained. "Before this race (at Indy, Red), I said the world champion almost impossible to achieve. Now, the status is difficult, but still possible. And although difficult, we will not give up!" said.

Meanwhile, Rossi admit that Lorenzo race excellence in Indianapolis. He also claimed to have made his own mistakes, to take the race track wrongly when stalking Lorenzo.

"At first I did not understand why I fell. But after seeing the data, I found that I myself racing in the wrong line, extending about 1.5 meters from the track. I also put the brakes on the path of the dirty (and falling)," explained the Doctor.

Rossi confirmed, he could have "played safe," finishing second behind Lorenzo. However, he delivered the same opinion with the young drivers. That a driver must have the courage continue to push the limits.

"Maybe I could finish second, considering I had 50 points in winning the championship. But for me it might be too easy," he said jokingly.


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