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Formula 1 Title Determination Period

Posted by absnet on 1 September 2009

Only five races left in the Formula 1 season 2009. Jenson Button and Brawn-Mercedes started running out of ”savings”, they both must work all-out to win the drivers and constructors titles. Could they?

Brawn-Mercedes continue to make people shake their heads. At the beginning of the season, beyond the expectations of all people, they were so dominant. Jenson Button won even six of seven first race, running away from the others in the championship.

In the last five races, this team again make fans shake their heads. Yes, Rubens Barrichello seize one victory. However, Button like a lost child. In the last five races, his best result was finishing in fifth place. After that, once in  six position, two times in seven position, plus one time failed to finish (in Belgium, Sunday, 30 / 8).

Now, the situation at the top of the classification, especially drivers classification, to be quite strict. Button is only 16 points lead over Barrichello, and only about 21 points above the couple Red Bull-Renault, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Jenson button

In fact, there is a maximum of 50 points available, and recent trends shows that Button is the slowest among the four Contender.

Button “ Point saving” that he collected at the beginning of the season was useful in the middle of this difficult situation. But, the savings are depleted. In fact, probably too low to be used until the end of this season!

What’s wrong with Button? Clearly, the problem is not just a car. Remember, Barrichello able to perform better in the last five races. In addition, the problem is not a racing development levels. Remember, Button won six times at the beginning of this season. He knows how to race and win.

Like all things in this world, the problem is quite complex. On the one hand, The Fortune which keep Button luck appears went to summer holiday. Or, maybe God  want to ”play” with Button once.

The most logical explanation, of course, given by Ross Brawn, the team boss.

Brawn admitted, BG P 001 cars is not suitable in cold track surface. Until the Belgian Grand Prix, the problem is not resolved. The car was designed so efficiently, so that ”refused” to  treat “the tire” roughly. As a result, the tire can’t reach their ideal temperature about 70-80 degrees celcius ). This resulting the car not able to achieve optimal attachment and record the best time.

Brawn added, for Button, the problem has a bigger impact than to Barrichello. Button “smooth race “ style make tires more difficult to get ”hot”.

”Basically, he’s soft on tires. Usually, such a style give many advantages. But, in the situation we face, that style actually worsen the situation,” former Ferrari technical boss explained

However, Brawn is still optimistic in facing five final series. He also said that Button able to overcome the burden of this title hunt well.

”The driver was facing a lot of pressure. However, the pressure (to be a champion) This is something new for our team. He (Button) should be used to it,” he said as reported by the BBC. Luckily “he” was able to handle it well, "he said.

Button still be positive. ”I’m positive. There is no reason to be down. I lost two points (hunted by Barrichello), and it is not good. We can only hope things turn around in the next race,”said the British driver.

Whether to soothe fans or something else, Brawn is also trying to remind the the fans and teams not be disappointed if failed in hold world championship.

Brawn reminded that his team was lucky to stay in F1. Six months ago, the team threatened to disbanded after Honda decided to pull out from F1.

”Whatever the results we get a big bonus for this year. Indeed, we would be frustrated if we do not get what we want (the title of champion). But, whatever we achieve is  extraordinary,”he added.


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