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Badoer Status Determination Waiting Massa Condition

Posted by absnet on 1 September 2009

Ferrari’s Luca Badoer will be replaced, it is almost certain. Replaced by who?, the answer will be known in a few days. After the Belgian Grand Prix last Sunday (30 / 8), Ferrari team still discuss this situation again. Latest developments: There’s a chance that Felipe Massa will be back to race in Italian Grand Prix, at Monza Circuit, on 13 September.

Currently, Ferrari waiting for results of Massa medical tests in Miami, United States, last Monday (early this morning GMT). If the outcomes are good, then Massa can comeback. If not, then discuss who deserve to replace L. Bad aka Luca Badoer, who performed very bad (bad) on the last two races.

"About what we would do in the next competitions, we will notify the next few days," said Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari principal, after the Belgian GP.

Speaking of candidates, Domenicali denied that they had agreed to pull Fernando Alonso out of Renault. Although rumored to go to Ferrari next year, the  Spaniard mentioned  would not join Ferrari in this year.
If you follow the media gossips Europe, the main candidates to substitute Badoer is still Giancarlo Fisichella. Reportedly, Force India still have a debt payment from the machines used last year. If Fisichella prompted to Ferrari, Force India could be given leniency.

However, if offered, Fisichella is not necessarily want to move away so fast. It confirmed by Enrico Zanarini, Fisichella manager.

"We are now in a fantastic team, with cars going fast at Monza. Because, if a car fast around here (Belgium, Red), then the car was also going fast at Monza," Zanarini said.


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