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Manual Update and Kill update Notice for Avira User

Posted by absnet on 18 August 2009

I use Avira up to now, because Avira proven to be the best free antivirus. But for beginner (like I am when I switch to Avira from AVG), there’s many confusing function, disabling automatic update (very annoying when we’re not connected to internet), how to update manually, and kill out of date notice. I’ll cover this topic here in this post.

Note : if you’re interested in trying Avira Antivir Capabilities, you can download here

A. Disable Automatic Update in Avira Antivir and Manual Updating

For you which not connected to internet, you can turn automatic update off and update when you want to. Based on my experience, you don’t need to frequently update for offline computer. Updating every 2 weeks or one month is more than enough. Besides, for you which is always online and want to save your bandwidth, you can turn your automatic update off. To disable automatic update facility in Avira Antivir, follow this step :


  • Open Configuration setting by click Extras menu and then click configuration or press F8 button in the keyboard.
  • Uncheck expert, select general – Update.
  • In the right panel click “do not download product update”, and then click Ok
  • Click view menu and then click administrations then select scheduler. In the right panel, uncheck or delete daily update

Manual Update


  • Download update file from http://www.avira.com/en/support/vdf_update.html. There you can find 2 kind of file, which is AntiVir incremental VDF update (IVDF) (Unicode) and Beta-VDF and Beta-Engine. Choose latest version IVDF
  • Now, Open Avira Antivir windows by double clicking Avira antivir icon in system tray.
  • Click update menu and then select manual update.
  • Open update file location which you’ve download. Usually, it’s name is “ivdf_fusebundle_nt_en.zip”.
  • And Click open, wait the process until finish, then click OK

B. Disabling Automatic update Notice

By default, after more than 3 day updating, Avira will show you outdate message as below. It’s appear so often that sometimes interrupt and teasing our work. You can turn this facility off, though, by following method:


  • Open configuration setting by click F8.
  • Uncheck expert, select general – security.
  • And then uncheck “Show notice if the antivirus out of date” in the right panel.



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