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Everest, Hardware Diagnostic Tool

Posted by absnet on 15 August 2009

One of important tool when you install operating system such as Microsoft Windows or Linux is Driver. Driver play an important role to arrange and connecting system applications with the Hardware plugged in the system to optimize hardware work. the driver of a hardware is not installed, your computer will run very slowly. As an example, after you install Windows XP and there’s no VGA driver installed, to open an application is very slow, especially when you open games which need graphic strong resources. Some standard hardware has pre-installed in windows XP such as CDROM, Keyboard, Mouse and the others. But chipset Motherboard driver, VGA Card, and Net Card mostly not pre-installed. So, after you install your operating system, make sure you install Driver CD bundled with your motherboard when you buy it.

But sometimes, for you who had old computer, or you have no Driver CD, it’s hard to know what driver actually we need, especially when we don’t want to open Computer case and read what printed in motherboard. We can find any driver in internet, but what we should looks for?.

everest One of important tool to detect hardwares in our computer system is Everest Software. You can get this software FREELY. Everest is a new name for AIDA32, if you familiar with that program. Actually, AIDA32 older version still available for download.

Everest has may advantage besides of its FREE version. Usually, hardware detector program only detect hardware specification from running registry, but Everest able to detect to Hardware Low level. With this method, although a driver is not installed, as long as hardware detected by the system, Everest can detect, and report the type of hardware attached.


Beside that, this tool has other great features like:

  • DirectX information including Direct3D acceleration feature
  • Diagnostic Module to simplify troubleshooting
  • Memory Benchmarking
  • Web Links: IT portals, softwares and driver download
  • Manufacturer links : product information, driver and  BIOS download
  • More than 38000 Hardware Information Database
  • Overclocking information
  • Portable application, no need to install

It’s no doubt that this software is very important especially for anyone often fixing PC / computer Hardware, anyone who want to know and update their computer driver as well as an utility software. Who knows, in another time you’ll need it badly.

Everest can be download here:

Download AIDA32 (  Everest Old version) here:


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