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Opening Write Protected Flash Disk

Posted by Hari Saryono on 13 March 2009

I found in the net there’s many flash disk protect error case and never solve. I found my friend flash disk was infected by certain virus, but when I want to delete it, there was a message telling that flash disk was locked. Almost all flash disk found in the market now coming without flash disk protected button, we know that, but how came this flash disk protected?

Don’t blame virus, maybe they aren’t related with this problem. One possible explanation, if you force me to blame the virus is, virus trying to write something on your disk, suddenly electricity goes off or you unplug your flash disk abruptly after knowing virus activity on your disk.

One short explanation is, your flash disk locked because of un-perfect termination in an application. Actually, a small file was written here that should be remove to make your flash disk normal again. But what and where?. I don’t know.

In this methods, I’ll present you a “trial way” to re-activating your flash disk, but unfortunately, YOU’LL LOST ALL OF YOUR DATA if this method is success. At least you only lose data, not lose both data and unused flash disk.

#STEP 1 – UNPLUG YOUR FLASH, AND OPEN IN ANOTHER COMPUTER. Usually this method has a good result, but if not, go to STEP 2


  • START/RUN type cmd
  • write CHKDSK /F Drive letter : (chkdsk /f v:)
  • after checking from Check Disk (CHKDSK), try to delete one of your file with  Del drive letter:*.*. for example from drive f –> DEL f:*.*  
  • Try to format using dos format : Format f:
  • Or use computer management to inspect volume drive F: and try formatting from there. If error message still appear, try to reboot your computer.

to open computer management, please go to :

start/run/ type:compmgmt.msc. You’ll find windows like this. Format with no mercy.


Have you solve the problem?. If not try to reboot again and start step 1 and 2. Reboot your computer again. If the problem still arise, go to step 4


My method is not suitable for your flash disk. I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll think to buy another flash disk, it’s getting cheaper now.

Meanwhile, don’t throw your flash disk into trash, who knows in the near future, someone will find an easy way to recover your flash disk.


http://www.obengware.com/tips/flashdiskwriteprotect.htm (indonesian language)

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