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5 Reasons Why YOU Should Use Total Commander

Posted by Hari Saryono on 8 March 2009

This is normal Total Commander, when display option is not setMany times in almost all post, I always showing you the use of Total Commander. Now, I want to share you my idea about why you should try Total Commander besides your MS Windows Explorer.

#1 It can show you the Super Hidden file

Almost 90% of the virus I found, always has hidden attribute. Of course we can’t see it’s presence in, for example, our flash disk. While MS Explorer has limited capability in showing system file, Total Commander is not following that rule. If you specify to show hidden files, all kind of hidden files will be revealed

In this picture, you can see normal total commander window, with two windows in it. It just remind me using Norton Commander. When you copy a file, click source (file you want to copy in left window, and in second window, click the location you want to.

This is normal Total Commander, when display option is not set
By setting your configuration to show hidden file (see image below, you can view all type of hidden file (system, hidden, read only etc)
Here’s what you get. All hidden will be marked as Exclamation Red. REMEMBER :This is not a sign of virus (Someone has question me about it). It just show that this file attribute is hidden. Almost all windows critical system file is hidden, so don’t make mistakes about it.
Changing file attribute is straightforward. Go to Files/Change Attribute, and choose file attribute you want to. Grayed tickbox mean unchange state. Click to change the state. You can change attribute of all files in directories by ticking Recursive subdirectories. By doing this, all the files hidden by virus will be appear again (usually virus not delete the real file, only make it hidden)

#2 More Powerful Searching

See my older post here

#3 Upload Your File Easily

You want to upload your file?. You don’t need another uploader, Total Commander can tackle all that. Make a new connection in Net/FTP connect. Name the session as you like, specify host name, user name and password, and you can connect to remote machine, just like your machine. You can copy, move, delete file from your drive to remote machine and vice versa.

Make a connection :

* session name is identifier, you can fill any name you like.
* Host name and port – specify your ftp connect host. for example : ftp://absnet.com
* username – your valid username
* password – your valid password

This is right snapshot of my ftp connection. You can upload, download, make directory, delete just as in local machine.

#4 One Software, Many Application

With Total Commander, you can play mp3, zipping file, splitting and combine large files, multi renaming, viewing graphics file, searching inside pdf file (using plugin) etc.

So, multi rename, split, combine, pack, unpack, verify check sum, all here.

#5 Fault Tolerant Copier

Ever copying a large file in MS Explorer, and then one of the file was damage?. MS Explorer refuse to continue, and deleting files which has copied. This is horrible. With Total Commander, you’ll not facing this problem, because they can skip bad file. Or maybe in the middle of your copy suddenly electricity is off? No problem. With syncronize directory, you always able to compare directory content and continue copying uncopied files

Thats not all. Many people make Total Commander plugin to simplify your job. They armed Total Commander with many applications, so you don’t need to turn your face to other.



One Response to “5 Reasons Why YOU Should Use Total Commander”

  1. webmaster said

    PS : SORRY i forgot to tell you

    If you download from that link, It’s completed with reg key (wincmd.key). Actually this is not windows reg key, but it’s register key for total commander. just put that wincmd.key key in folder where total commander reside

    Agar pesan trial version hilang setiap kali anda membuka total commander, copy wincmd.key key ke folder total commander anda. Maka anda akan terregister secara otomatis.

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