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Photo Effect In Photoshop

Posted by absnet on 7 March 2009

There are many nice Photoshop tutorial to turn your common picture into ‘great picture’. I’m searching into the net, and found Photo Effect Tutorial that might be your interest

29 32 50

Photo Mosaic

Comic Effect

Coloring Effect

49 57 8

frosted Pixel


Adding Rainbow in a photo

90 93 75

motion blurr

Photo Dithering

infrared vision

67 45 1

Fire effect

Painting Effect

Retro Comic Book Effect

83  alian alien

Photo Mozaic

Alien Invasion

Alienize his face


Lighting Effect

Fantasy Art

Energy Sphere

Playing with the light

Cracked Face

Dark Art Picture

Eye Manipulation

Space Explosion


Halftone Effect

Reflection on sunglass

Rather weird

Partial Coloring

Exploding body Real Bubble
Frog Machine Sexy Girl Rocking Star
Bring statue alive Stunning Effect Independence Day
Pretty Zombie
Watercolor effect
Partial coloring

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2 Responses to “Photo Effect In Photoshop”

  1. These are great! I’m definitely gonna try to do most of these, specially the comic effect and the displacement effect. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. KeepRock said

    that’s great..thnx for share…

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