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Comparing Free File Hosting Company

Posted by absnet on 7 March 2009

You have file to shared to others?. If so, here’s some free hosting which you can choose, completed with it’s description and advantages:

I put rapidshare in my #1 list, because it’s rank in 15 when I write this post. It shows you that rapidshare services is very famous. You can upload your file in 100 MB max each and uploading as much as you can. One you upload your file, they give you download links for your file, which is valid for 90 days, except you transfer your file to collector account.Non-paying users are required to wait 30 to 134 seconds, depending on the filesize, before the download starts and their download-speed is limited from 25 KB/s up to 250 KB/s (depending on the server-load). In October 2008, Rapidshare extended the waiting time to 15 minutes between each download.

You got point everytime free user download your file, which is only about 1/1000 cents (if converted to dollars). Not much if you really want to seek the money.

Registration and payment allow benefits such as unlimited download speed, download of several files simultaneously, queue skipping, the facility to interrupt and re-start downloads, uploading and downloading bigger files up to 2 GBs, allowing Free Users to download their files with Premium privileges (“TrafficShare”) and to store up to 500 GB of data that can not expire.

Premium accounts last for a certain number of days, with a day marked at midnight Central European Time. Thus a 30-day account opened at 11:59pm CET would have 29 days to run after one minute. Every premium account is limited to a maximum of 80 GB download traffic per month, divided equally over every day of the month. If there are 30 days in a month, then the user will receive 2.67 GB per day. The user is allowed to “save” traffic up to a maximum of 12 GB and can then spend the saved traffic all at once.[5]

The Rapidshare service is subject to frequent alterations, such as the size of the traffic allowances and the policies for their application. Users are notified of changes via the ‘News’ page on the Rapidshare website.

Your file won’t be deleted or altered in any ways, except there’s a valid complaint if your file consisting subject with copyrighted materials.

This services is free. You can upload any file in any size, and people can download without any restriction like any other file hosting services. There’s no point at all.
Just like rapidshare, ziddu give you unlimited file space. There’s no download ticket, but only something such as captcha to prevent automatic downloading. You got point about 1/1000 cents everytime free user download. Your file won’t be deleted (at least till now)..
Easy-share, similar with other services, give you some ePoint to every downloader. It’s value almost the same with the other services, but the don’t limit file size to be downloaded. You got at least 0.1 ePoint on every download. 1 ePoint = 1/1000 dollars.

  • 2 ePoints – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA
  • 1 ePoint – Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
  • 0.1 ePoint – other countries

The Objection on easy-share is : at the second time, your download took very long waiting time ticket (500 second) which is very annoying for free downloader. I only recommending download from this site 1 file a day. So, if you want to sacrifice your visitor, use easy-share. I prefer Ziddu than easy-share, but ziddu upload is rather difficult. Easy-share offering ftp download.

Send, Receive and Track Multiple FilesYouSendIt Free lite edition give you only 100 times download on each file. This service not give you point.
The domain MegaUpload.com attracted at least 10 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a Compete.com study.[1]The basic service is available for free and allows users to upload files of up to 1024 MB. Free users cannot download files larger than 1 GB, however. Free registered users are offered 50 GB of total file storage. Premium users are offered 1 TB total file storage. After a successful file upload, the user is given a unique URL which allows others to download the file.

Any file uploaded anonymously will expire if there are no downloads for at least 21 days. For free registered accounts, the expiration period is at least 90 days of which can be manually reset. Premium accounts have no expiration period as long as the user remains a premium member.

Users must fill a text-based CAPTCHA when downloading a file. Non-registered users await 45 seconds in the download queue and a certain amount of time between transfers after a certain amount of megabytes has been downloaded. Paying users get a premium account with a wider range of privileges.[2]

Note that even paying members do not get a direct hotlink for non-paying members to download. Non-members trying to download your uploaded file are forced to MegaUpload’s site and have to wait 45 seconds to initiate a download.

MegaUpload also runs MegaVideo, a video site for streaming flash videos, similar to YouTube.
For users with a cost-free account the waiting time is 25 s and the file expiration period is 90 days of inactivity. Less restrictions for premium accounts. Premium accounts can store up to 1 TB.[6]

This service just become favorite. You can upload as many files as you want. The best thing is, you can link your file in a website. ImageShack’s mission is to provide an easy-to-use image hosting service for everyone. So, enjoy this services
100% Easy, 100% Secure, 100% Free

Get free online file storage in fileqube. Upload, organize and share your files with friends, family and co-workers. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s free.

Ajax uploader lets you upload as many as five files of 150 MB each – all at the same time. That helps you save time and get the job done fast. Now, isn’t that neat?

Store up to 2 GB of files and access them anytime, from anywhere. You can organize, manage and share your files easily from our simple web interface.

Access your files and folders anytime, from anywhere. Our basic options let you organize, manage and share your files easily from our simple web interface. It’s 100% free.

Try our advanced features for file lockdown security, custom RSS feeds, enhanced search options and cool widgets you can use on any website or blog.

FileDropper.com was created as a fresh alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike those sites, we do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers. We do not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads.Our goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.

How long are the files kept?
The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded.

Is the upload size really 5 GB?

Why is FileDropper doing this?
To make the process a lot simpler, and because we know how annoying it is to not be able to share files.

FileSavr’s goal is to simplify the process of file hosting. We provide fastest and easiest file hosting service as an alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike the other sites, we do not force users to sign up for paid accounts to download files, we do not show long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities. Our goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.Why is FileSavr doing this? To make the process a lot simpler, and because we know how annoying it is to not be able to share files.

How long are the files kept? The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded.

Is the upload size really 10 GB? Yes.

Upload any type of file!

You can upload movies, music, documents, images, zip files and more. Absolutely any file in any format can be uploaded and downloaded for free. We allow up to a massive 300MB for each file you upload. There are no limits to the number of times a file can be downloaded.

Access your files anywhere

Your files can be downloaded from any computer from our high speed servers. All you need is a web browser. When you’ve got multiple files to upload sign up for a free account and use your file manager to organize your files and folders in an easy to use drag and drop interface.

You’ll got point when someone download your file in filefactory, but your file must be over 20 MB. They’ll pay you $40 for 20,000 download. Check out the web.

File Den was established in April 2006, with the idea of producing a website that at that time did not exist – a free file host that allowed most any file extension to be uploaded and shared whilst allowing direct linking. Many other websites around at the time either only offered very limited file extensions (e.g. Just images) with direct linking, or didn’t offer direct linking at all. This made it very difficult for people who didn’t have the resources to store their own files to be displayed on their profiles, personal websites, blogs or forums. People had to either purchase a web hosting account elsewhere with hundreds of features they’d never need; many of which have cumbersome control panels with hard to use user interfaces; or put up with not being able to direct link their files.Upon the launch of File Den, the website begun to grow at an outstanding rate as people realised that there was an alternative to the other file hosts around – that they could finally direct link to their files and easily share them with their friends, families, colleagues and communities.

File Den today

File Den’s servers are located in the Gnax datacentre, Atlanta. We currently run on a network of more than 20 servers – expanding monthly in order to continue offering the best service we possibly can. Many people are involved in the day-to-day running of File Den’s day-to-day operations including developing new features, managing the File Den network and technical support.

File Den currently provides its file hosting services to almost 2 million registered users worldwide – growing by thousands on a daily basis, so register today and see just exactly what you’re missing!


Hotlinking allowed for all allowed file extensions, including videos and music files!

  • 1GB of personal storage space.
  • A 50mb maximum file size limit
  • 5GB of monthly bandwidth

    There’s not only rapidshare providing file hosting today. With variety of services, you can choose one suitable for you. But my recommendation is:

    Just want to share

    • Filefront – Your downloader need no waiting time
    • Imageshack – You can link your image in your website

    Share and get a small amount of money

    PS : I don’t recommend you 4shared, because they limit your space only 5 MB (although you can have many account) and you should login every 30 days to keep your account active.

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