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Installing Exelockdown Free, bring disaster to your system

Posted by absnet on 6 March 2009

My friend just installing Exelockdown from Horizon Datasys, hoping that guest member can’t install their own program without his supervision. But what he expect to be security is turn to disaster.

But wait, what’s exelockdown?

2005721531274796755_rs (1)Exelockdown is a small program from Horizon Datasys which prevent the windows to install unwanted program. This is similar to Anti Executable from Faronics. My friend use free version which is only 500 kb (when I check Horizon website, trial version is 7.35 MB, maybe his version is obsolete).

First time installing, it’s OK. He scan the computer for white list program. And computer restart again. Then he try to enter a flash disk and running a program from flash disk. It’s refuses to run by giving an information that running that is forbidden. Great job..

Some of our guest need to print his document. When he try to print, suddenly the computer restart (and he lost all his job because he didn’t save it). That’s the first time I know this program had a problem

Knowing this, I try to turn off the filter, so Exelockdown didn’t try to check the program. I open my autorun and check that this program only had 1 file (I don’t know the exact). But my friend insisted that removing this program is good option. I try to delete the entry in autorun and exelockdown refuse it and automatically restarting. This is the time where disaster start.

Restarting need very long time. First I suspect this is because some virus call downandup, so I unplug my LAN cable. About six minutes after restart, it restart again and giving blue screen.

Knowing this my friend was very upset. He was ready to reinstall the system (which I don’t like it; there’s 4 computer need to install and that’s will take much time). So I try my own way. Nothing to lose, because if I fail, he will need installing the system again. Here’s my own way:

  1. Use AVAST BART PE 2009 to reboot
  2. In Menu, choose system tool/services/driver
  3. In service check out services load option (auto, manual, or disabled). If you’re connected to the net, you can always audit the filename in the net. Just write it in the google search bar, and your file in question will be appear with a comment whether this file is needed by windows or a program virus. Search a weird name, unread name which have no clue like jdkfdi, file with no description, etc. Usually virus is like that. If you’re not sure, always check in internet.
  4. In driver, look for Exelockdown. You’ll find one in the bottom. Delete or set the driver to disable.
  5. Quit AVAST, and restart.

By doing so, my problem solved. Exelockdown was not running anymore, computer running fast and the most important not restart again


  1. After step 4, you can perform additional check like virus check, registry clean etc, anything you like. Or you can browse your hard drive and deleting exelockdown file using Servant Salamander. Of course after performing step 1-3. If not, I’m sure your system will crash.
  2. I want to use this trick in removing deepfreeze without uninstaller.
  3. I don’t know how exelockdown newest version is, but with this bad experience, I’ll prefer use Faronics anti executable than get back to exelockdown.

Hope this post useful…..

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