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Blog Effectively using Blog Client

Posted by Hari Saryono on 2 March 2009

If you’re a serious blogging, you must be admit that making a post is time consuming, to prepare the post, searching the net for the materials, preparing pictures, arranging the post, layout checking, drafting and finally publishing. I myself need about 2 hours a day to prepare each single post, and that’s can be more.

Maybe you ever think, life will be easier if we can set our layout in local computer before send it to server. Yes, you right. Creating post locally is faster when we dealing with much words, hyperlinks, pictures etc. And it’s very helpful if you have a program call BLOG CLIENT.

In blog client, wherever your blog account, you can preview and edit your post before publish to the server. There’s many program to do that, but what I like most is Windows Live, because it familiarity and it’s easy-to-use. Here’s some comparison of some blog clients written by others.

Windows Live Writer

This windows blogging program, as usual, offering many features which help you blogging faster. You can edit, insert table, hyperlink, photo album, pictures, video, maps etc, only in one click. Its different when we edit our post in web which we must use html code to manipulate table, here in Writer you can manipulate table as you like.

  • very rich image editor
  • option to use no follow tag by inserting links
  • quick video embedding
  • plugins
  • automatically save drafts
  • four different post edit view presets: normal, web layout, web preview, HTML code


  • no integration with photo sharing sites like Flickr
  • only Windows Live maps integration
  • WYSIWYG editor not always produce clean code

Score: 9/10

Summary: Recommended for most users, especially to beginners. Windows Live Writer looks like most promising blog client and candidate for winners since it gathered best features from other blog clients. In my opinion, it needs to be more polished before taking 1st place. The next releases of paid clients have no chances if Windows Live Writer would be a little bit btter.


W bloggar, a program by Marcello. C. Cabral, now come with portable version. So you can save your bloggar in a flash disk, and when you need it, just double click exe file. No need to Install.


  • colorizing html code
  • produce xtml compatible code
  • custom html tags


  • no useful image handling
  • no WYSIWYG editor

Score: 7/10

Summary: for advanced users who’d like to have full control of their post html formatting. Lack of WYSIWYG editor and especially difficulty of handling images make this blog clients not advisable to most users, but it’s better than always use Online version.

ecto (website)
ecto is a commercial desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows. ecto is the successor of the popular Kung-Log, which earned a 4.5 mice rating in the MacWorld July 2003.

Its release cycle tells the story: v2.0 is out for OSX and v1.0.8 is out for Windows. This may explain our less than perfect rating of ecto. If the OSX version has a decent WYSIWYG editor, then this tool is definitely leading the field.

  1. Runs on Windows [Yes!]
  2. Access to all of MT’s article fields [Yes – with Advanced View]
  3. WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML Editor [No – Just a text editor]
  4. Spell checker [Yes!]
  5. Access to article categories [Yes – with multi-select!]
  6. Ability to set publish date [Yes – in post properties]
  7. Access/editing of previous articles [Yes!]
  8. Image/file upload support [Yes – robust upload and image thumbnail tools!]
  9. Support for multiple Blogs [Yes – strong profile support]
  10. Usable, intuitive interface [Yes – Well done, up to date]

Score: 9/10

BlogJet (website)

This is another commercial Windows application which stays faithful to the XP styling and usability. BlogJet supports MT, Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, WordPress, pMachine, TypePad, and a number of others. Its a solid application and being commercial, has a frequent release cycle and a promising road map.

Where it falls down in our tests is that its geared more for the beginner. The authoring and editing capabilities are limited to post title and entry body. This is a show-stopper for anyone (such as CMSWire) who leans heavily on MT’s other article fields.

This program was mentioned in many blogging books available

  1. Runs on Windows [Yes!]
  2. Access to all of MT’s article fields [No – only title and entry body]
  3. WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML Editor [Yes – simple WYSIWYG editor!]
  4. Spell checker [Yes!]
  5. Access to article categories [Yes – with multi-select!]
  6. Ability to set publish date [No]
  7. Access/editing of previous articles [OK – restricted to available fields!]
  8. Image/file upload support [Yes – simple tools]
  9. Support for multiple Blogs [Yes – multiple profile support]
  10. Usable, intuitive interface [Yes – Well done, up to date]
  11. Not Free [YES]

Score: 7.5/10 (can be 9 if free)

SharpMT (website)

SharpMT is an offline Blog writer that is designed for MovableType based systems. It builds on the foundation of the first versions of SharpMT and adds new features that include proxy server support, custom tag integration, better support for Blog Links, an updated user interface, and built in spell checking.

Runs on Windows [Yes!]

  1. Access to all of MT’s article fields [OK – Missing keywords]
  2. WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML Editor [No – Just a text editor]
  3. Spell checker [Yes!]
  4. Access to article categories [OK – primary category only]
  5. Ability to set publish date [Yes – in Advanced view!]
  6. Access/editing of previous articles [No – list for linking, but no editing]
  7. Image/file upload support [Yes – very simple]
  8. Support for multiple Blogs [OK – if on same MT instance]
  9. Usable, intuitive interface [Yes – Well done, tabbed, up to date]

Score: 6.5/10

Well, best blog client is depend to you. But according to myself, Windows Live Writer is enough for us, because it’s free and cover enough tools blogger needed. Or you can try BlogJet if you’re Anti Microsoft product. hehehe…

references :

  1. CMSWire
  2. Garmahis

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2 Responses to “Blog Effectively using Blog Client”

  1. Randy said

    FYI, for SharpMT:
    – Access to all of MT’s article fields [OK – Missing keywords] – it has keywords but it’s missing Tags… new feature added relatively recently 😦
    – Access to article categories – if you click the … button next to the drop down you can set additional categories for the posts.
    – Access/editing of previous articles – if you see the list of old posts you can right click to either edit the published post in SharpMT or link to the web page
    – Usable, intuitive interface – Thanks 🙂

    FWIW, if Windows Live Writer was out when I started blogging I wouldn’t have bothered writing my own MT-specific app… it does a lot of the heavy lifting and connects to everything. But since the best of the lot years ago was just Title and Subject, I needed more.

  2. beesharma said

    Great site this absnet.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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