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Where to Blog, WordPress or Blogger?

Posted by Hari Saryono on 1 March 2009

As blogging get bigger and interesting now, there’s many blogging service available for free. Almost every free site offering blog as their additional services. Name of them :

and many more..

With many choices like that, of course it should be easier to choose one of them. But actually, it’s not. There’s many options you must consider before you choose the best one. This related to what’s next. As a guide, if you only interested in blogging, WordPress is the right answer. But if you want your blog can get the money too, choose Blogger or Windows live, because it permit javascript code to be inserted in your blog.

As a consideration, here’s a very good comparison to be consider. In my opinion, this comparison is enough for you to decide. Choose the best service and start blogging…

You might need this…

For The Complete List, Click Here

2 Responses to “Where to Blog, WordPress or Blogger?”

  1. melih said

    i think use wordpress more easy

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