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My Favourite Photoshop Tutorial Sites

Posted by Hari Saryono on 28 February 2009

If you interested in graphics design, here’s some photoshop tutorial sites which will give you tips and tricks to design and use tools effectively. This is very helpful if you can use some web sucker like Teleport Ultra to open and read this site offline.

#1. Photoshopcafe.com

You should visit this site if you a real designer, because this site give you many ideas to boost. It’s Colin Smith, a professional designer, who maintain this site. You can find there photoshop tutorial, galleries of his works, tip and tricks using plugin, fx etc, and every month there’s a photoshop contest to follow. My Number 1 list of photoshop tutorial.

#2. TutorialWiz

Very interesting photoshop tutorial, from text effect, special effect, photo effect, texture, all interesting effect in photoshop covered here.

#3. Phong

There’s only some photoshop trick here, but the great and interesting one. There you can find flash programming too.

#4. Photoshopnerds

A blog like site introducing simple photoshop trick, making a logo, banner etc. Look like this site is not active anymore but it’s trick still relevant till now. Very suitable for the beginner

#5. Flash Game Design

Although it’s name is flash-game-design, this site provide interesting photoshop tutorial to be prepared in game design. While you learn photoshop, you can use your picture in flash game.

#6. Photoshopgarden

This site dedicated for photoshop user, covering basic technique to advanced one.

#7 Psd Tutorial

It’s a compilation of another site but give you link of a very qualified step-by step Photoshop tutorial


##8 ComputerArt (NEW)

This UK Based Magazine, as it’s name implies, specializing in computer arts. Besides providing Computer arts magazine, we can found free downloadable interesting graphics design tricks and many more. 3D modelling tutorial available too…


One Response to “My Favourite Photoshop Tutorial Sites”

  1. grandchief said

    mang sippp tutorialnya makasih pak infonya

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