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Cartoon Face of yours

Posted by Hari Saryono on 28 February 2009

If you think it’s funny to see cartoon face instead of your face as avatar, there’s some free services to do that. All you have to do is uploading your photo image, wait for a while and let them do the rest. Here’s the links you can check it out..

South Park Studio

SP Studio let you arrange cartoon of yourself only by specifying color and form of parts of the body, like skin, eyes, hair, hat, cloths etc. One you finish design yourself, you can save it in your hard drive. Don’t forget to put credit on the picture you use.

Weakness : Saving time took longer than it needed. I use print screen to take my cartoon.

Simpsonize Your Photos

If you want to look like The Simpson family, please simpsonize your photos. Upload your color photo with the minimum size 640 x 480 pixel, and choose your setting. And the output will be your face in Simpson Family. Enjoy…

Be Funky

You can turn your natural photos into incredible artwork with one click. There’s many option you can arrange, but check this picture. It speaks much.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is a service which provides character icons completely free of charge! They are available for your blog site or SNS. If you’d like to save the completed avatar, right-click on the icon. And then select “Save Picture As… ” from the menu.


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