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Techniques to save your WordPress Storage

Posted by Hari Saryono on 27 February 2009

Using many pictures in our post of course make our blog interesting and colorful. But we all know that we only having 3 MB space to be used. Now I’ve use about 1 MB. How can we deal with this problem?.

There’s many ways to do that:

  1. Upgrade your wordpress account to premium. This step of course need an investment
  2. If you have no money, you can do the thing name : BANDWIDTH STEALING. It’s a technique to link image you like from other site. So when you upload, choose upload from URL. This technique is legal for some site, but if you found that your picture turn to other picture or a message, choose another site, because they don’t permit bandwidth stealing. But remember, in bandwith stealing, if they remove the picture, you’ll lost your picture too. So check frequently.
  3. Another way is making another wordpress account. So you’ll get another 3 MB to use
  4. One’s more, you can have another free hosting services and put your picture there.
  5. And again, don’t put your big picture in your wordpress account. Put it in free file hosting (I’ll cover this matter later).

Here’s my free hosting service collection to use. Just apply for free there and upload your file using Total Commander. Choose the shortest one, because it’s the best, and read the comments first ( oh yea, your total commander can help you upload your file automatically. You don’t need another FTP upload programs)

Free PHP Host
(Review Page)
Benchmark (ms)
(Lowest = Best)
Benchmark Graph
(Shortest = Best)
ByetHost 27 27
IzFree 31 31
Trap17 38 38
110mb 38 38
HyperPHP 40 40
Quotaless 49 49
iFastNet 59 59
X10Hosting 61 61
PhpNet 64 64
My-Place 64 64
Fr33Webhosting 69 69
AgilityHoster 69 69
LeadHoster 69 69
100Webspace 91 91
AwardSpace 92 92
Php0h 119 119
Xlphp 127 127

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