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How Good is your Antivirus? (Antivirus 2009 Performance)

Posted by Hari Saryono on 26 February 2009

Ever trying many antivirus programs and disappointed?. Yes, there’s many antivirus programs today, and we must choose the best from the rest. In my opinion, Mc. Afee is the best pay antivirus program because of it’s fast and easy update. ( I think this antivirus is the fastest in response a new virus). But you, who loves free program, Mc.Afee as long as i know, doesn’t provide free edition.

AVG in my opinion is too much slowing my computer down, and there’s many virus can’t be detected. Sending a virus sample is not easy.

Now I use AVAST!, it fit my need because not slowing my computer down, easy update and Free for home edition. Although some local virus can’t be detected, It help me kill many virus enter my computer.

Ever heard about AVIRA?. I used it now, and I think it’s OK. Some of my computer use AVAST and the other use AVIRA. AVIRA has a disadvantage that they’re not provide file exclusion.

That’s my opinion, as I only ever use 4 of them. OK, now let’s following what other says about antivirus performance.

Digging on internet, you’ll have many opinion about best virus, but don’t be wrong, some of them only try to sell the product (so they give best performance review of one product) and the other is real expert in it’s field. I try to choose review from real expert (which I think they are), but only antivirus which give Free Edition.

  • Free Antivirus list is from Rajendra web page. Thanks Rajendra
  • Analysis is from many sources on the web.

How They Test? :

PC Security Lab Testing : They provide a great number of virus sample, then test in dynamic and static testing. Dynamic testing means that virus recognized when resident scan enabled. Static testing is scanning specific location. It then compared with how many malware detected succesfully.

AV Comparative : AV Comparative compare virus detection ability along 1 years, including on demand detection, false positive report, and scanning speed. Because of this report nature, they only emit report at the end of each year. I got report on year 2008.

#1 AVIRA Antivirus

PC Security Lab gives score 99.91 out of 100. It detect 2253 and gives 0 false positive out of 2255 samples. So they put it as Number 1.

AV Comparative give a label BEST 2008 ANTIVIRUS.


PC Security gives score 99,78 on this antivirus with detection rate 99.78%.

AV Comparative put Kaspersky as best file copying scanner category.


Only 92.5% virus sample detected in PC Security lab, and giving 1 false positive.

AV Comparative not recommend it

# 4 ESET NOD 32

PC Security not test this antivirus

AV Comparative put Eset as 2nd candidate for overall category

#5 PANDA Security

Panda put itself as 99.51% success in detecting virus sample. AV Comparative not check this antivirus.

So, here’s the picture of their result



If your favourite antivirus is not included in this two report, don’t worry, as long as your antivirus fit with your need. (maybe it’s performance, it’s familiarity etc). As I say, Avira, although the best ( I admit it), they are not provide false file exclusion. That’s not good.

2 Responses to “How Good is your Antivirus? (Antivirus 2009 Performance)”

  1. Now here is the huge list of antivirus softwares…. I have used AVAST.. Was ok.. Not so bad. N rest others I would have hardly used either of them.. I didn’t knew McAfee has lowest alarm rate. I have used even this….

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