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Still Looking for Yuyun Antivirus?

Posted by Hari Saryono on 25 February 2009

I think too many people still loking for Yuyun antivirus, while I think yuyun is not a thread anymore. Ok, if you still bothered by Yuyun, please go to Avira homepage, because it recognize Yuyun as VBS/Yuyun.A.

Why I recommend AVIRA?.

  • First, because it able to recognize your YUYUN virus, while AVAST can’t,
  • Second: you can easily upload your virus sample to be checked. It help them to be more rensponsive on a new virus
  • Third : They provide free version (actually for me the best antivirus is Mc. Afee, but it’s not free guys!).
  • Fourth : You can upload your virus sample easily. .
  • Fifth : Four reason is not enough?….

Yes, AVIRA is a little sharp in detecting a virus, so sometimes your favourite crack program will be recognized as virus too, and avira will refuse to open it. Here’s is my solution

  1. Zip your crack software, zip again and give a password
  2. When you want to use the crack program, just disable Antivir Guard. Enable again when you finish it
  3. You always able to restore your suspected virus in any time. Just see the report, and restore

The only one thing I don’t like from AVIRA is, they don’t provide exclusion for our file (which AVAST provide it). So your suspected file will be recognized again, and again, and that’s annoying

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