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Thank you for all the reader

Posted by Hari Saryono on 24 February 2009

Deep from my heart, I say thanks for all visitors that has dropping by my site. Since January 12, 2009, at the very first time this site upload, I’ve received 2283 unique visitor. You can see the growth of my site in the graph here :

my-graphIn my first day blogging, there’s no visitor, as I start to submit my page to some popular search engine. The first week I only got about 40 visitors, which 90% of them dropping into my site through search engine, searching on how to remove Yuyun Virus. Yes, at that time, Yuyun virus is spreading very fast, and only a little site telling on how to remove it. This time antivirus can’t detect this virus. The next week (4th week of January) is the peak day, where I got 138 visitor. All by searching, only a little by pingback.


At Pebruary 11, one month after my first day blogging, I put a counter in my site and it shows much more detail about my visitor characteristic. I change my primary language to english to gain more international visitor. And It stil not success yet, besides of my bad english, my website is identical to Yuyun killer virus. This is completely wrong. All virus can be delete using my manual way, at least 70% of virus in my experience. So, Digging in my site and with an experience, you can delete almost all virus without antivirus needed.

download-filefrontI recommend Total Commander, and see, there’s more than 500 visitors downloading my Total Commander. There’s many option in total commander that I’ll explain later, so please check out frequently.

One again, thank you for your time reading this blog. I’m very glad if you can give me a word in comments or sending an email telling what you need. I hope I can help you.

But remember, This site is not only telling you about Yuyun Virus, it’s oldie. Now we facing more difficult virus, some of them was published in my latest post


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