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Being TANATOS(ed) is not good

Posted by absnet on 18 February 2009

Someone dropping by searching on how to remove tanatos virus. Yes, I ever had Tanatos(ed), and the bad news, almost all my executable files infected. It’s about last year and I use AVG to remove it (no manual solution in this case, because it’s file hidden in exe file). The result is; AVG able to detect and only one option to clean, DELETE the files. So I delete the file and ; MY WINDOWS REFUSED TO RUN. So, I must Install my windows again.

This is old file (in the year 2002). I don’t know wether there is new varian in this year, but I’m sure, ALL ANTIVIRUS able to detect TANATOS, although i don’t guarantee that they work as we want.

There’s 2 step I suggest to remove this TANATOS.

1. Try This FIRST

  • Download application you like here (there’s many application offered, choose one of them for free)
  • Check out if your windows file infected (allmost windows file in c:/windows/)
  • If windows file infected, write it down, and do step 2. If not, I can say, you’re succeeded with your cleaning.
  • Confirm delete file infected ( you don’t need to save it)
  • Restart your windows.
  • Check if your windows able to run again. If not, go to second attempt

2. Second Attempt

  • Download AVAST BART PE. If you haven’t , download here.
  • Unzip and burn to new CD (see how to here)
  • Restart your computer by setting first boot on CD ROM
  • Scan using AVAST
  • Write down windows file infected
  • Copy files infected in your two notes from your friend computer in AVAST environment. Use AVAST explorer to do that
  • Restart again. Check if your windows can run. If not, there still 3rd attempt

3. Third Attempt

  • Bad News… you should reinstall your windows.

Make sure you don’t left a single tanatos(ed) file, in all your hard drive, because it can be back.

After that, install antivirus. Don’t use AVG, it suck!. Try Mc.Afee, AVAST, aVira or another.


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