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Autoply.exe, A FAT virus I ever meet

Posted by Hari Saryono on 18 February 2009

My computer just catch a virus name Worm.Malas(B) Virus. It’s together with autorun.inf in our flash disk and a pif file call : wjak.pif. All the two were detected as virus, using my Avast.

Actually this virus is easy and can be delete manually. It’s old time virus (first catch at 10/29/2007, but I think this one is new varian, because it size is very big : 1,1 MB (Crazy isn’t it). I don’t know what this new virus do, because avast refuse to access. Spying using total commander found nothing interesting.

Do you got this virus?. If so, maybe you can install avast! and get rid of it. If it’s doesn’t stop, write me a line. I’ll infect my computer and trying manual procedure to share you!

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