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Now I'm using Avast Home Edition

Posted by absnet on 15 February 2009

After many months I trust my computer security to AVG, now I try another antivirus, and the option goes to : AVAST!

The only drawback of AVG free is, they are much taking our resources too much,which is appear on 256 MB Memory (I’m using AMD Athlon 5000+, 1GHz memory and Windows XP, I can’t feel the difference), and It’s heuristic detection isn’t run well. And one more, Virut can’t be deleted suscessfully. I hope with this migration to AVAST!, I’ll be well defended, although, you know, you should able to remove new undetected virus by yourself, because  virus development is always one step ahead.

Bad news, your Thumb.db Yuyun is not detected, but as long as you’ve turn your autorun off, and using total commander to spy your files, it’s allright. All I want is small resource well defended antivirus, and I think Avast! able to do it.

If you interested in Avast, just download at avast! homepage, choose free download, register yourself for free and then download the software. It’s about 31 MB.  Your activation code will be in your email, so check it out. The one option I like is, We can check our files online and report any virus found in our computer. 


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