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.vbe (blank.vbe) virus infecting my computer and how I remove it

Posted by Hari Saryono on 14 February 2009

I’m not aware about this virus, because although i know it when spying with my Total Commander, I’m not interested to dig deeper. Until now I don’t know what this .vbe “(blank).vbe” do on my computer, but who cares? One I care about is, GO AWAY, YOU’RE UNWANTED PROGRAM

So, if you infected with this virus too, just do the simplest removal steps as follow:

Do you have AVAST BART PE I’ve just told you?. If you don’t, please download. Unzip and burn it’s ISO file on a blank CD (use permanent option – for durability). Restart your computer, change boot order to CDROM first. Put your AVAST BART PE CD on your CD ROM, Wait for a while and scan using AVAST. Delete virus file found and done….


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