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Must have tool for Admin, Avast BartPE

Posted by Hari Saryono on 13 February 2009

So, you always dealt with virus, uninstalling everytime, getting mad when your computers not going well?. Spending too much time repairing and finding a code line in tons of registry lines? Of course, thats very annoying.

Here comes your solution . AVAST BART PE 2009.

What is BART CD

If you don’t familiar with BART, here’s your short explanation. BART stand for Bootable Antivirus & Recovery Tool CD. Sound interesting?. You bet. With this tool you can:

  1. Boot your machine from CD
  2. Explore your harddisk file
  3. Check your files for virus, it’s definition is January 26, 2009
  4. Check the registry for damage or lost
  5. Edit your registry

So, imagine this collaboration. AVAST, a famous antivirus software in the world and BART Technology mixed. And the result is MUST HAVE TOOLS FOR ADMIN.

Let’s talk about the possibility using this software

  • You can’t enter windows, because it’s stop in the middle of loading

Repair it with BART

  • You know your computer infected with a file, you’ve locate it, but can’t delete in windows environment

boot with BART, locate the file with BART Explorer, or Scan with included scanner

  • You want to format your windows (because you’re not satisfy with it’s performance), but your files is still in C:/

Open with BART PE, copy or move to another drive or USB Flash

  • You want… whatever, be creative.


Here’s the feature you can get from this small program (around 64 MB in Zip)

avast! Antivirus

You can scan your computer just like in windows environment.

Registry Cleaner

The Registry Cleaner will help you find and fix problems and correct inefficiencies in on-disk Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 registry hives. It also provides ways to recover the registry following virus attacks.

Junk File Remover

The Junk File Remover utility will help you find and delete unnecessary files that waste space on your hard drives. It can also empty system caches, such as Temporary Internet Files and IE history.

avast! Disk Checker

Disk Checker search and repairdisk errors. It is quite similar to the ScanDisk tool or chkdsk.exe, supplied with the Windows operating systems.

The program works both with hard disks (including SCSI and RAID) and removable media.

Data Shredder

The Data Shredder allows you to erase files in such a way that it is impossible to recover them.

avast! Registry Editor

An absolutely essential tool for system administrators is the avast! Registry Editor. It gives you unlimited access to the Windows Registry files located on your hard disk (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only). The data in the registry can be both read and modified. IT IS YOUR LIFE SAVER!.

Event Viewer

Event viewer is a utility similar to the original Event Log Viewer included with Windows. It also has a very similar user interface.


The Services/Drivers applet lets you manage services and drivers that are installed on the system. It also lets you make basic changes to their configuration (such as startup type).

Command-line Interpreter

Even though the tools described previously are very powerful, sometimes it is necessary to go deeper into the operating system itself. In such cases, the BART CD contains a command-line interpreter, compatible with the standard command.com and cmd.exe.

Servant Salamander

The BART CD also includes the popular Servant Salamander file manager. Servant Salamander makes it easy to work with files on your drives. In addition to basic functions, such as moving, copying or deleting files, is also offers advanced operations, such as searching files according to many criteria (including searching by content), group renaming, archive support (compression, decompression) etc.

Simple text editor

To make working with BART even easier, a simple viewer/editor of text files (Notepad-style) has been included.



What do you waiting for?. Here’s your download link. I don’t guarantee if this link will not broken, because rapidshare actively delete warez program. Don’t be LATE!.


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