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Google Chrome, The Next Generation of Web Browser

Posted by absnet on 6 February 2009

In my years experience of browsing, I am experienced using Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla. I love Mozilla more than Opera, because it’s simple and faster.

But now come Safari. I think the browser designed spesifically for Mac is not for Windows Goers, because it took longer than Mozilla (Mac boasting that their browser is fastest in the world!). Together with Safari, I install Google Chrome, and I found much more advantage using it.

Why Chrome

You must be wondering why I choose Chrome than other. First, I love Gmail as my favourite (as my yahoo full with spam), and second, they keep my last bookmark, right in welcome page (just like thumbnail in newest Opera, but I found it’s very helpful). We can acces our bookmark easily. And the most interesting one is : we can search straight in address bar, and Chrome will open Google automatically.

Bookmarking is something I never use before (as I only surfing in Internet Cafe), but now as my intense touch with internet, I forced to bookmark the sites I like. I suggest you, although you surf from Internet Cafe, bookmark your favourite links, and export them to file before you log out. It will help you surf faster and more focus.

The next feature only availabe in Chrome is, you can stretch textbox in your page wider or narrower, just like Windows. This is very helpful, for example when your blog only provide 2 lines and you think it’s annoying.

The only weakness for this new software is; there’s no search button in it. And there’s many hidden option than can only be accessed by line command.

Oh, ones more…
if you have gmail account, you can use iGoogle to gain the new experience of fun surfing. Access your mail while searching in google your subject.

Have a try………..


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