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Stop waiting rapidshare count ticket

Posted by absnet on 1 February 2009

Problem and solving

When we download in rapidshare free account, then we must wait a couple minutes waiting for the counting down. This is embarrasing. So how can we reset this counting to 0?

An easy way is putting this command in address bar (where you write http://www.etc.etc in your browser) and put this command (only for rapidshare!)


Then push enter, and your counting will reset to 0, and your ticket is ready in a flash

The Logic Behind

They use javascript program to count our own computer. How I know?.

Right click in your rapidshare tick count page and choose “view page source”. You’ll find some javascript line, and there you can see variables like c==0. So, we just need to enter our own c value and tick count reset.

Other Possibilities

With the same theory, you can use this technique to stop another counting ticket. Remember, Its only 6 steps

  1. Right click on your counting ticket page. Choose “View page sources”
  2. Check the programming language, wether it’s javascript, vbscript or other
  3. Find a procedure to counting. this is just a simple procedure. Find variable hold counting time
  4. Back to counting ticket page
  5. reset your variable using programming syntax appropriate.
  6. Enjoy.

That javascript:alert(c=0) work in 4shared.com tooo..

add: (March 26, 2009). This technique is obsolete for RAPIDSHARE, but still work on 4shared. DON’T SAY I DON’T TELL YA


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